Still Single? You May Be Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Are you still single and looking? These 3 places have the most single inhabitants.

I guess I've always been the "marrying" kind of woman. While my first marriage only lasted three years and ended in divorce, I've been blessed to experience a much happier second marriage, which has been sailing along by the grace of God for 16 years now, and counting.

As such, I recognize that lots of people out there still want to experience the joys of marriage, despite all the recent stats about the humongous number of single folks out in the world today. Actually, it's because of so many unmarried, and potentially available, individuals that the dating pool is ripe for the plucking. Besides, it's no coincidence that Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" song rose to the top of the charts. Certain souls still want a commitment, but marriage-minded persons might not know where to look for suitors.

So, let's dig into the compelling information that Town Charts presents about the top 500 cities in the United States of people who've never been married, as of 2012. Moving the slider past the minimum population mark of 155,000 people uncovers the top three cities that contain the highest amounts of never-been-married citizens.

#1: Washington, D.C.

Even if you're not a politico, relocating to our nation's capital could be a great move if you're looking for a mate—and we're not talking a Scandal type of adulterous affair. With a higher proportion of single people in the city as compared to rates across the nation—57.1% versus 31.8%—D.C.'s stats look promising. Diverse inhabitants and neighborhoods make this district the hub of hot happenings for future brides and grooms.

#2: Boston, Massachusetts

Boston consistently shows up on various lists of the best cities for singles, and not merely because the place known as "Beantown" houses some of the top universities across the country. A healthy 56.4% of the populace was listed as having never experienced the joys of a marital union in 2012, and the city boasts a plethora of pursuits for those singles to enjoy—from breweries to tech-crowd hangouts.

The options for nightlife activities are high, along with the choices of restaurants. Plus, with Boston fans' huge devotion to their local sports teams, people of every shadow and type can generally find something entertaining to do on any date.

#3: Tallahassee, Florida

With the percentage of people who've never been married landing at a whopping 55.8%, it would seem that the moderately populated capital of Florida is an optimal space teeming with singles—but that's only true because it's a huge college town. Both Florida State University and Florida A&M University students skew those numbers greatly, as do other colleges that you'll find in cities dominated by universities.

So, there you go. If you're looking for love, make sure not to look in all the wrong places, such as cities that aren't known for their huge levels of eligible men and women. An older skew of the highest widowed populations might be up your alley, so seek out what's best for your circumstances using all the data made available.