No More Fish! 9 (OTHER) Things Men Should Show In Their Dating Pics

Photo: WeHeartIt
Men and Fish

Seriously, guys. Lets get more creative.

Men and fish in profile pics: It's a THING, and honestly, we're not sure why. A study by FishBrain noticed the growing trend of people holding fish in their dating profiles, and their analysis showed that on Tinder, 22% of young Floridian males choose include a fish-pic, NYC 5% and London just 1%.

But the weirdness continues ... a survey of 1,000 members of the Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi) sorority revealed that 46% of young American women found Tinder photos of men holding a fish more attractive than those of men without.

This got us thinking ... what’s this all about? Why do these men LOVE showing off the fish they’ve caught in photos — to lure in potential dates? I’m pretty sure if women had fish posted all over their online sites, it’d have quite the opposite effect on men because — well, I won’t even go there.

So we thought of 10 things we’d MUCH rather see these men holding than a big smelly trout (that’s a type of fish you try to catch, right?!):

1. A dog.


This is simple (and obvious) enough. Everyone loves these cuddly creatures. We all may have a difference in what breed of dog we enjoy most (CORGIS FTW!), but it’s a pretty safe bet that most people like a furry friend.

2. A piece of pizza.


Who doesn’t love a piece of pizza, especially when it’s near an equally hot, perhaps, cheesy, man?! The only thing better here is if you could get us in the equation now. A little Lady and the Tramp action, perhaps? Actually on second thought, I want my own piece. No sharing pizza here.

3. A Stuffed Animal


Maybe you won it at a fair, maybe it’s something you’ve had since childhood. As long as you don’t need it to sleep next to every night, let the “awws” ensue.

4. Flowers


Preferably we’d like to see you holding these in front of our faces before we receive them, but even if you’re near some sort of plant or nature, that’s cool too! It’s nice to see a guy showing off his sweet, feminine side once and a while.

5. A drink.


A craft beer, bottle of water, coffee … whatever the beverage may be, it shows you’re social! Maybe you’re holding a bottle of water while out on a run (athletic and healthy), enjoying a beer with a buddy (fun!), or sipping a fancy drink on vaca — all of it shows that you get OUT of the house (and just look hot holding something).

Hello, why do you think @menandcoffee has so many Instagram followers?! But please, save those college beer funnel or shotgun pics for your old Facebook photo albums. That’s not what we’re looking for here.

6. A football.


Or basketball, tennis ball, soccer ball…you get the point (just not your own balls, please). Showing that you play some sort of sport (even if just for fun) is great! Maybe it’s not a ball but a surfboard, running shoes, whatever—being active and into something other than sitting on your ass all day is a sure way to make women more interested.

7. A spatula.


Any cooking tool would suffice. Tongs, pot holders, a pan… Nothing is sexier than a guy who’s got it down on the grill or in the kitchen.

8. A book.


It’s refreshing to see a guy that has the brains to match the looks. Show off the smarts and the face at the same time!

9. A woman.


Just kidding, this is just as terrible, if not worse. We’re not sure if these guys want to show how much ladies love them when the post a bunch of pictures with women flocking around them, or if they just are players. Not a good look, guys. (Unless it’s your niece—aww—but we know the game you’re getting at there too)

So guys, please — let’s re-think the whole fish thing. There are way better things to be holding in your pictures if you want the end game to be holding one of us afterwards.

This article was originally published at Never Liked It Anyway. Reprinted with permission from the author.