10 Ways To Find Out If Your Man Truly Is Husband Material


Is he Mr. Right… or not?

You started dating a guy, been out quite a few times and at least to you, things are going good. As a woman, I may have an idea of what's going on in your head.

At some point you are starting to wonder ... are you just dating or are you official? Is it exclusive? How come he hasn't tried to kiss you yet? Or on the flip side, is he touching you too much? Only with you for sex? Does he respects you? Can he handle you? Can you handle him? Is this one for the long run?  

Here are 10 foolproof signs you should observe to help you figure out if a guy is really interested in you.

1. He often calls you and picks up when you do.

If a grown man is telling you that he does not have enough time or credit or even a phone to call you, then he is not interested in you … or at least not as a serious girlfriend.

2. You know where he lives and you can go to his place at anytime.

Has he invited you to his place at least once? There is a catch with this one. He shouldn't invite you to his place too early because it's better to get to know each other in neutral and public places first before being thrown into each other's homes.

3. He really takes you out.

As I was saying earlier, when you start seeing somebody, you should do so in public places.

4. He comes around even when he knows you are on your period.

This is one of the best ways to determine if a man is trying to get laid or if he is genuinely interested in you.

5. He mentions your name on the phone.

If you have been seeing him for a while when his phone rings in your presence, you can be more observant of how he handles himself.  Is your name ever mentioned or does he make reverence to you?

6. He gives you a "title" in public.

If you have done things that lovers do and you feel you are getting close enough to be called lovers, then he should feel it too.

7. He wants to meet your friends and family.

If you have been seeing a guy for at least six months and you have never met anybody he knows and cares for, then chances are he is not serious about you.

8. He is genuinely interested in your life.

He wants to know how your day is going, what your future plans will be, what are the things you don't like and why you like the things you do.

9. He is truly interested in your kids and introduces you to his.

It is pure logic to say that a man who is genuinely interested in your life should also truly care for the most important beings in your life.

10. He is upfront with you from the beginning: he likes you … or not.

Sometimes, your man will clearly tell you: "Baby, it is you."