Men And Women Cheat Differently: 4 Reasons Why Women Cheat

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While men's affairs are usually driven by sexual desires, women often cheat for different reasons.

Many years ago, it was unthinkable for a wife to cheat on her partner. However, in current times, such behavior has become increasingly frequent. A misleading about the difference between men and women is that they often cheat for physical reasons while women cheat their partner for emotional reasons.

The reasons why women cheat include loneliness, revenge, boredom, trust issues and self-esteem, rather than a strong physical desire. Let's have a closer look at each of the reasons why women cheat and try to understand them.

1. Loneliness is one of the main reasons why women go wrong.

Although it sounds strange to imagine a woman feeling lonely in a relationship with her partner (we refer to those relationships in which they find fulfillment in emotionally), such thing actually happens plenty of times.

Women involved in these unsatisfactory relationships feel more alone than women without a partner. If a relationship is not getting her the attention she felt she deserved, the woman may try to seek satisfaction elsewhere engage in a new relationship.

A partner who spends a lot of time at work or at a hobby may not be responsive to the needs of women, thus enhancing her feeling of loneliness. This feeling is enough to make her look for another partner and cheat.

2. Revenge is a reason increasingly encountered as to why women cheat.

The modern woman does not want to remain passive and accept a cheating partner. If a woman is confirmed that her partner is unfaithul or suspecting he is being unfaithful, then she can do this as an act of revenge. This is one of the worst possible reasons for revenge.

The theory "tooth for tooth and eye for eye" was inserted deep into their affair and many women cheat on their partners as a justification for their betrayal. Women think their adventures are justified because they have been deceived. Moreover, they can feel emotionally injured by their partner's action and seek a way to hurt him too.

3. Boredom is another very common reason.

A relationship in a stage of routine or atony can be characterized by a lack of desire. Women may feel that the relationship has become boring, predictable and, instead of doing something to return the desire, they may resort to an affair in hopes of reliving the excitement they felt in the first months of their relationship.

Even if an affair was a temporary solution for a woman to feel pleasure again, it can lead to the destruction of the current relationship, and the relationship that "helps" deceive it. An affair is exciting not only because it involves a new person, but also because of the risk of losing long-lasting relationships in favor of an adventure.

4. Lack of self-esteem

Women may feel they are not sufficiently admired by their partner and thus may be tempted to cheat in order to confirm their attractiveness and power of seduction. When a relationship reaches a point of stagnation, in which neither partner makes a conscious effort to ensure that the woman feels attractive, she may start feeling insecure.

This insecurity makes her look outside the relationship affirmation, leading to a secret adventure. To be considered attractive by others and compensate lack of affection from their partner, women need someone else to strengthen their self-esteem.

While women with high self-esteem manage to stay happy in a relationship, those with low self-esteem are often determined to cheat.

How shall one respond in such situations 

When they feel they were cheated, people react differently. Some couples get over the incident and remain together for a long time, considering it was just an accident, while other couples cannot forget or forgive the deceived person.

If someone prefers to remain in a relationship that does not believe and can not be sure of his partner of his loyalty, he feels terrible.

If there is no trust among partners, both will feel miserable. You need to make an agreement with your partner not to be cheated again, and make sure to get out of the trap of distrust - extremely difficult to achieve this once you find yourself in a mixture consisting of relationships and deception.

Tips for the partner who cheats:

Give up the new relationship. You have to forget about the loss, as well as about the feelings that you lived thanks to the forbidden sex. You cannot restore and rebuild a relationship with your partner without giving up the affair. Ask forgiveness for the wound produced by your affair. You devastated and destroyed his trust and he may feel worthless. Show him that you empathize with him / her and how you regret what happened.

Here are some other tips to resolve your relationship issues:

  • Try to figure out why you do this. Is it for a childhood injury, fear of growing old, lack of communication between you and your partner?
  • Try to understand why you are here in order to prevent the risk of new adventures.
  • Try to regain his confidence by concealing honesty.
  • Be open, honest and patient. It will take time to restore partner's emotional injuries.

Tips for the cheated partner:

  • You'll be able to forget, but you can forgive - however, it is the only way to save your relationship / marriage. After the explanations received from the person who betrayed you, try to understand what happened and why you need to forgive and move forward.
  • Do not punish her forever. You want to spend your life with her, so you cannot live a life of guilt and anger. At some point we need to stop asking details about what happened and how bad it was, as this will poison any chance at happiness and will find someone else. The interesting concept is that swingers do not cheat and have a lower divorce rate than monogamous couples. Cheating is abundant in monogamous lifestyle.
  • If all else fails, seek a partner who understands and loves you.