9 Ways To Please And KEEP Your Man


Want to please your man? Follow these quick and easy tricks to please him.

Do you know how to please your man, so that he will never want to leave you? Have you tried various things, but none of them have worked the way you need them to? Are you tired of stressing that your man is unhappy in your relationship and may abandon you? The great news is, there are many approaches to please your man and make him never want to stray from your side. All it takes is lots of attention to detail, a little bit of time, and a little bit of love.

Here are some incredible ways to make your man never want to leave!

Accept that Women and Men are Different

Men are usually not as fastidious about things that ladies are careful about. Men's idea of a clean house can be different from women's. This is a perfect example of where we hail from different worlds. You simply need to be accepting of this. The sooner you acknowledge this, the sooner you will be able to please your man.

Love His Sports

If he loves football, learn his favorite team and all about the timetable. If he loves skiing, then you need to learn how to do it. If he loves wrestling, well, there is only so much that you can give him. Your better half may not want you to come between him and his male companions on a few sports ventures, however he needs you to be interested enough that he can converse with you about them.

Don't Force Things

Have you heard the expression don't depend on something that hasn't come to fruition yet? This concept applies with relationships. You can't just jump to marriage when you first meet a guy. You need to have enough self control that you move at a pace that he will be agreeable with. Moving too rapidly will make him freak out or panic. You need to remember that guys do not fall in love as easily as ladies do.

Trust Him

All relationships must be dependent upon trust and accordingly, you must trust your guy. If you can't get hold of your man for an afternoon, do not instantly assume the worst. Chances are he was having an occupied day at work and couldn't get back to you. Moreover, if you do not trust him, you run the risk of harming his regard toward oneself and making you seem as though you are always pestering.

Never Let Your Relationship Become Boring

Your relationship will start to fall apart the minute sex becomes boring. Keep your affection alive by making sure that your sex life is as sizzling as when you first met. Make an effort of bringing something new to the bedroom all the time. Let sex come unexpectedly, don't ever compel yourselves to connect when one or both of you aren't in the mood to have sex.

Don't Nag

This is the most vital tip of all. Nagging will not solve anything so abstain from doing it no matter what! Instead, try to be peaceful and mature on how you handle your disagreements, and your man will love you all the more for it. Only an uncommon woman has the capability to control the intuitive urge to nag and all men know this.

Be Supportive

A standout among the most imperative ways to please your man is to be supportive. While men may appear tough on the outside, they have many of the same insecurities as any other individual. For that reason, it's important to stand by your man and offer support and directions when it is required.


Even if you may be trying to enter into a relationship with him doesn't mean that you can treat him however you like. Yes it is okay to get comfortable around him, but do not lose that feeling of respect for him as a man or you just might drive him away. You can't act any way you want. You cannot just say anything that you want to. If your man is being respectful enough to treat you like a woman, then you need to return the favor and treat him like a man.

Love him for who he is.

How to please your man, and make him cherish you much more is by loving him and accepting him the way he is. Anyway, it's all about love.

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