Forgiveness Is The Pathway To Happiness


Our ability to forgive and let go will determine how happy we are able to be.

Forgiveness is the express pathway to freedom. The quality of our lives is dependent on the depth and authenticity of the forgiveness that we are able to extend in our lives. Many people just will not let go or do not know how to let go. They keep retracing what happened to them and make a whole story around it. They have no idea of what the enormous cost is of being in such a place. When I say cost, I mean the impact it has on them, which includes loss of appetite, joy, love, peace, tranquility, self expression, and happiness. As you can see, the impact is enormous, but why is it they cannot let go?

As human beings, we love to be right. Something happens and we justify the situation to enable us to be right. If someone would hurt us in any way, we make a judgment about that person and want to maintain that judgment to fulfill that desire to be right. So for example, if someone steals money from us, we make the judgment that they are thieves, not to be trusted or relied upon, and are just bad people. But we hold on to that feeling to our detriment. It is like taking poison, hoping the other person dies. The other person may not even know that you have taken the poison, and, in fact, wouldn’t even care, as they are busy living their own life. So forgiveness is nothing to do with the other person; it is always to do with the self. By letting go of being right, you get to lead a fuller, happier life.

There is a difference between forgiving and forgetting. You do not need to forget, but you must forgive. There is a difference. By letting go, you are not letting the other person “get away with it,” as there is nothing to get away with, as this way of being is unhealthily painful. Once you realize that if you let go you are releasing yourself rather than letting the other person “get away with it,” you will see immediate relief. You will feel lighter. You will feel happier. You will be relieved. Your anxiety will disappear. You will be more peaceful. You will sleep better at night. Your friends will notice a difference. You’ll have more energy. You’ll get more done. Your health and wealth will improve.

I urge you to forgive. You must forgive. This is a law of the universe. Your entire happiness depends upon you letting go. Commit to forgiving now for instant results. Guaranteed.

Anil works with successful individuals and companies to create rapid and lasting change through methodologies he has developed in his seminars. He has been featured on Sky TV, Fox TV, Harvard as well as being author of best seller, Immediate Happiness. He travels all over the world and has many well known clients. He gets to the heart of the matter and leaves people living a richer, fuller, happier and abundant life whereby they get to live their lives at a much higher level. To discover how happy you really are please collect your happiness score here. 

Anil Gupta