Swallow That Frog! 30 Days To A New You

Swallow That Frog! 30 Days To A New You
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You might have to do something unpleasant to accomplish a higher goal.

I watched an Italian movie recently that made me laugh. The main character Gianni said to an old friend, "If you want success in your relationships with women, think back to your first girlfriend in school and why she left you. The reason she left you is the same thing you need to change now!"

Good advice! I, like Gianni, believe that what we resist persists. I even have a chapter about this in my book 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU, called "Anything But That: Swallow Your Frog or Toad."

Clients often ask me, "What is the one thing I have to do to be happy, to be rich, to be fulfilled?" I respond by turning their question around. "What is the one thing you have resisted doing all your life that would be the hardest thing for you to do?" Then I suggest that if they want to overcome their difficulties and fully embrace life, that thing—the thing they have resisted—is what they must do. Often they say, "Anything but that!" to which I ask, "Well, then, how much do you really want to be happy, rich and fulfilled?"

There is an Italian proverb that says, "Swallow the toad!" which means "Do something unpleasant for a higher goal." If you have been blocking yourself from doing something for a long time, like getting a university education, reconciling with your parents, taking a year off, admitting to parts of your personality that you don't like, then that is your frog and it doesn't help to just keep looking at it!

Thinking about it doesn't help either. The thing must be done. If you have to swallow a frog, do it all at once.

Once you identify your frog, you will be called upon to commit to action. Your frog might be looking at your priorities and taking time off work to balance and nurture your personal life. Or it might be finally finishing some unfinished business. Whatever your next action is, notice your own resistance as you acknowledge that the commitment you are making might involve some dramatic life changes.

You know what your frog is. And guess what! Everyone else probably knows too. So swallow it all at once! Living your big life is definitely worth a few slimy creatures down your throat.

Take this opportunity to make changes in your life today. Send me an email or post a comment and you will receive a digital copy of my book 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU – Get What You Want Through Authentic Change, plus a complimentary coaching and branding session to get you strated on your journey to get what you want.

Summer is still here. The best time to plant seeds and eat frogs. Garlic helps too!

XOXO Monica, your Life/Business Coach

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