I Married A Lesbian Trapped In A Man's Body

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lesbian in man's body
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Anne married Richard Giles, who later became Diane. They've been happily married for over 50 years.

Here’s an excerpt from my interview with the Giles family, who married over fifty years ago. Anne married Richard, who later became Diane. Their story is about surviving and persevering through a transgender transformation. It’s also a story of unconditional love, support, and acceptance.

What was it like growing up as Richard Giles?

Diane: When I was born there was no discussion of transgender sexuality. I didn’t know anything about who or what I was. By age five I had my first recollection of not being like the other little boys.

I grew up in a very conservative, religious, small town in the mid-west. My father was a very macho truck driver. I realized at a young age that whoever or whatever I was was unacceptable. The church taught I was damned to hell. I went into the closet at an early age. Let me tell you, the closet is a very dark and lonely place.

So I learned how to imitate men. No one ever expected what I was. I even became an officer in the military. For years and years, I didn’t know what I was. I thought maybe I was homosexual, but I wasn’t attracted to men. I pushed all that down and continued to act as a male impersonator.

How did Anne discover the truth?

Diane: I thought when I got married all these strange thoughts would disappear. It took two years for me to get the courage to tell Anne what I really was: a lesbian in man's body. I couldn’t get the words through my lips. I was so ashamed of it. I ended up letting her discover my truth "by accident." (Anne caught Diane dressed in women’s clothing).

Question to Anne: You married as a heterosexual. How did you deal with this surprising reality?

Anne: I’m still heterosexual. In the beginning, I saw him as a man who had an urge to cross-dress. It was something very private. I thought it was a sexual urge.

What caused you to finally come out of the closet publicly?

Diane: In order to give an image of being a male it was a 24/7 ordeal. I had to fake the hand gestures and pretend constantly. I kept expecting the feminine urge to go away over the years, but it didn’t. It got harder and harder.

I had tried to kill this feminine urge all my life. It finally got to the point where I tried to figure out how to kill the rest of me. That’s when Anne realized that something was going on.

So Anne confronted me. We talked all night long. She convinced me that maybe I wasn’t the terrible person that I thought I was. It was like flipping a switch. From that day forward I came out as a cross-dresser to the world.