9 Things Your Husband Isn't Telling You (That You Need To Know ASAP)

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9 Things Your Husband Isn't Telling You In Your Marriage

Shocking what can be left unsaid.

Ever ask your husband what he's thinking and not get an answer? Even in the best marriages, there are things that men think about but don't tell their wives.

Our interviews with couples in 53 countries on all 7 continents of the world, revealed nine important things that men don't share with their wives on a regular basis.

Here are the 9 things your husband might not be telling you but wish you understood:

1. There are times when I just want to be alone. 

Men need time to be all to themselves — to their own thoughts, their own meditations, their own self, and to have their own physical space. Not recognizing this need can be highly detrimental to your relationship with the man you love.

2. I really wish you would pay more attention to me than to the kids.

Children add stress to a relationship because of the constant demands on your time and attention. The quality of the relationship between husband and wife trumps everything else!

Get it right and good things follow. Get it wrong and lots of bad things often happen!

3. Even though I never say anything about it, your weight gain bothers me.


A man wants to be proud of the way his wife looks. When excessive weight gain changes his wife's appearance, many men find it hard to deal with. It is more than just appearances — it is also about the health issues related to excessive weight gain.

4. I really wish you would tell me more often that you love me.

To be in love — truly in love—  is to tell your spouse that you love him every day of your life. 

5. I wish you would just say it instead of giving me subtle cues.

Men have difficulty picking up on emotions and subtleties, so they hate it when you hint. A man wants his wife to be direct and say what is on her mind about her feelings.

6. I worry about not being able to perform sexually, especially as I age.


It is important to a man that his wife makes him feel confident and successful in his sexual relationship. A man needs their wife to help him relax and just enjoy the love they share.

7. Your constant criticism and corrections really make me feel terrible.

Even though women want to fix their mate, it can have devastating effects when the focus is on the problems and not on his strengths.

8. I want to be praised, appreciated and validated.

A man needs to be recognized for who he is, what he does, and the contributions he makes to the family. He does not want to be taken for granted and have his efforts go unnoticed.

9. I wish my wife would hug me, caress me, touch me often, and be more intimate with me.


I need her frequent touching to acknowledge my presence and importance to her.

Ladies, if you haven't had an honest discussion with your husband about these issues, make a commitment to begin that conversation today. If your husband has a tendency to keep issues to himself instead of sharing, it can lead to dissatisfaction with your relationship.

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