Looking To Spot A 'Good Catch?' Try This Online Dating Advice


When you’re dating online, there’s always this question hanging over your head.

When you're dating online, there’s always this question hanging over your head—what are the signs of a good online catch?

Irrespective of professional online dating advice and your personal preferences, there are a few factors that would qualify someone as a "catch" when you make contact with them online and you seem to hit it off—which brings us to the first of these factors …

The Chemistry

The first thing that will strike you is the way in which you effortlessly converse with the other person. You won’t have any of those awkward silences. The silences, if any, will never be uncomfortable and are a sign that you are at ease with each other. The level of comfort is defined by the chemistry you share with each other—the topics you can talk about, the stories you can share, even the emotions that you can express in each other’s presence.

The Signs

Another important factor for those asking the question "how can I find true love" is the way your priorities line up with the other person. Both of you will likely want a long-term relationship; it’s possible that you share the same plans for the future; you may even have had similar experiences with your exes. All these are signs that you're meant to be with each other. The important thing is to watch out for and be aware of these signs when you do see them.

Other Similarities

There is no such thing as a coincidence, so if you happen to share other similarities, take note of them and see them for what they are. It’s very possible that the both of you have met while dating online for a reason, so even if the coincidence seems minor and not worth analyzing, make sure you ask yourself "why"—the secret to your happiness may lie in the answer to that question.

The Intangibles

There might be several coincidences, signs and traces of that chemistry between the two of you, but the most important of these are the things you can’t quite put your finger on. It’s these feelings that ultimately tell you that you are on to a good "catch" as it were. Call it a gut feeling, call it instinct or anything else you like—these powerful indications are what you should be looking for. It’s these intangibles that will qualify the answer to your 'how can I find true love' question.

Finally, listen to your heart and follow it. Every other sign might be wrong, but that inner guidance will never take you down the wrong path. The path to true love is open to all who believe that the Universe conspires to get us what we want the most—what we think about the most, awake or asleep. It is up to you to embrace that path and make it yours.