7 Ways To Prepare Your Life For A Relationship


Make yourself ready to be apart of someone else's life.

A success principle that can be applied to any part of one's life is the "as if" principle. Whatever you want to be in your life, act as if you were that already. So, if you want to be happy, act happy. When you apply this to a desire to be in a relationship, you act as if you were in a relationship.

Here are 7 ways to apply this principle:

1. Clear out other relationships.

Create closure for those dangling relationships in which you have unfinished business. Do whatever it takes to officially close and complete all past relationships.

2. Get rid of your baggage.

Clean up baggage in your life. Seek counseling, coaching, books or processes that release negative beliefs or past heartaches that might be holding you back.

3. Make space in your life.

Stop busy making behaviors that fill all your free time. Drop activities that no longer serve you and keep your calendar open. You will need time to date and then nurture your relationship.

4. Improve your health and your wardrobe.

Look your best by sorting your clothes closet and getting rid of unflattering clothes or things that no longer fit you. Add new, attractive clothing. Workout and eat right to feel good from the inside out.

5. Create an affirmation of your desire.

An example would be: "I have attracted an ideal partner to me." Read your affirmation first thing in the morning, mid day and just before going to sleep until it comes to fruition.

6. Envision positive qualities you desire.

Make a list of traits that you would love to have in your man. Take time to visualize these characteristics and how you would feel if you were with someone who possessed them. For example, if affection is important to you, visual holding hands and feel the emotions that you would experience by doing that.

7. Make a plan and take action.

Sign up for online dating, join a match making service or join clubs and groups that attract people of similar interest to you.

Once you find yourself in a relationship, realize it takes two to tango. Dare to give and receive. Reach out to suggest getting together or planning activities.

Continue using affirmations but change it slightly. For example: "I am enjoying a fabulous relationship with (his name)" or "Our relationship is growing deeper and more meaningful."

Relax into the relationship without forcing it, going fast or pushing too hard. Trust that it will work out if you are meant to be together. Allow it to unfold gradually participating equally in its development and progression.

If doubts creep in, continue to affirm, pray, believe you are worthy and have faith. You did conscientiously prepare for this relationship and even if it does not continue, learn from it and repeat the process. And remember to act "as if" in any way you want your life to be and it will eventually come to pass in that way!

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