6 Ways To Tell If There Are Digital Sparks

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The author of "Love At First Click" helps you figure out if your crush is crushin' you back.

When you start dating someone, there are a million little things your match might do to that will tip you off to his or her feelings. Whether it’s touching your knee during a date, a well-timed sly smirk, or simply a thoughtful remark, your date’s ways of wooing can be telling about where your relationship is (or isn’t) headed. But in today’s digital age, these signals can be viewed on your screen, too. Whether you’re texting, typing or tweeting, tech woo exists! Here are six digital behaviors that signal your date is into you:

1. Texting for no reason.  If your match texts to say “hey” rather than only focusing on making plans, it’s a sure sign you’re on his or her mind. Revel in the simplicity! And don’t worry if your date’s iMessages seem mundane sometimes — it’s the 2.0 equivalent of “Just Because.”

2. Extreme emoticoning.  Even if your match already uses smiley faces when you chat in the cloud, upping the ante on emoticons and exclamation points(!) is a good sign. It’s nice when someone is so into you that his or her emotions are trying to pop off the screen. 

3. eFlirt extensions.  The length of your virtual conversation is telling. The more extended your eCommunications become, the more you’ll naturally begin integrating each other into your lives. Not only is this a signal that feelings between you are growing, but it’s the simplest digital action that will help begin to develop your relationship with each other, too.

4. Virtual compliments.  Whether it’s a post-date compliment via Gchat or a sweet nothing texted to your Droid when you head to the loo mid-date, eFlattery equals engagement! (No, not that kind of engagement.) Clearly your guy or gal can’t get enough of you — and wants to make sure you know. 

5. Gettin’ sextie with it.  There’s no more obvious way to take your virtual relationship to the next level than with a good, ol’ sext. But beware: this one comes with some fine print. If your match sexts you too early on in the relationship, you could be headed for a casual fling versus a long-lasting love.

6. Digital pining.  When your eChatter becomes mushy, you’ve officially transitioned to a new level in your virtual relationship. After all, virtual heartstrings can enhance your in-person connection. So if your match sends a “miss u” or “cant wait to c u” message, go ahead — glow a little!

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Laurie Davis is the author of Love @ First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating and founder of eFlirt Expert. She helps singles navigate flirting and relationships via technology by writing their online dating profiles, decoding their dates’ text messages, and helping them transition to meaningful, offline relationships. Connect with her on Twitter @eFlirtExpert.

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