10 Tips To Meet Your Soul Mate By New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve Dating Tips & Love Advice

Is the thought of ringing in the new year alone just too depressing?

This New Year's Eve you won't be sipping champagne with your girlfriends. You won't be with skiing with your family. And you definitely won't be sitting alone on the sofa watching the ball drop on TV. This NYE you will be with the man of your dreams, your soul mate, the budding love of your life... or at least a really great guy who has real potential. I know — time is tight and you've got to get busy if you're really going to find your Mr. Right before the clock strikes. Relax; I'll tell you where your perfect match might be waiting. But first:

Be Open and Ready for Change

These tips might make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, or scared. You might think they're stupid, pointless, or "never going to work." But clearly what you've been doing hasn't been working (or you'd be in a happy relationship right now). So, just this once, open your mind and your heart, clear out those expectations, get out of your comfort zone and your box, and free yourself from judgment. Try something new, and the outcome just might be love.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Forget the tired old mentality of "When the time is right the right I'll meet the right person." Wrong. Stop waiting. Be proactive. Create the right time. Create urgency now so that you don't panic later.

Put Yourself in the Right Place at the Right Time

It's true that opposites often attract. The reason being that, if you're an inquisitive person and so is your mate, you want to learn and explore their interests. You complement each other. Your strengths fortify their weaknesses and vice versa. You have complimentary needs, and therefore need each other in certain ways — and that creates chemistry. But don't leave it up to chance. This is about putting yourself in the right place at the right time. How? Go to the places where you would "never" think you could meet your mate.

10 Places to Meet Your Perfect Match (And Maybe Even Your Soul Mate)

  1. Not a morning person? Wake up early and go to your local café. Different people hang out at the same place at different times. Explore a few different times and see how the energy and patrons change throughout the day.
  2. Only like to work out at the gym? Get outside and take advantage of your environment. Hike. Walk the boardwalk. Go to the ice rink. Join a snow shoeing meet-up group. Learn something new. Work different muscles. And have an open heart. Sweating together has been shown to initiate chemistry. 
  3. Always go to the bar where "everyone knows your name?" Change it up and try a new place every time you go out. Once there, talk to people. Ask questions as if you're a tourist and you're on vacation — we tend to be more social when on vacation.
  4. Take a class in a topic that doesn't interest you. Yup! Intimidated by technology? Go to the Apple store and take one of their group classes. Enroll in a CPR class. Try a cooking workshop. Don't be a downer, though. Have a positive attitude and be open to learning (and meeting someone).
  5. Afraid of heights? Go to a ropes course or zip-lining park. When you're scared you'll be more inclined to reach out to others for comfort.
  6. Go out on weeknights! Instead of going out during the weekends with your friends (which is date night, by the way), go out mid-week. You could meet someone who is also there with friends or maybe finishing up a business meeting. 
  7. Go to places where you're in the know. Wine snob? Go to a big wine store and walk around perusing the bottles. If you see a potential partner who looks lost or confused, ask them what they are looking for and give suggestions. Go to the grocery store and ask that attractive person "how are you planning on cooking that?" People love to talk about their knowledge.
  8. Throw a party and ask everyone to bring a friend who you don't know. If they're friends with your friends, you might just have something in common.
  9. Don't like clubs? Go out and dance! Letting go physically can help you to drop your mental guard too. Plus you just might remember how fun it is to move and feel sexy. Perfect time to meet a mate.
  10. At a restaurant get up several times and walk around. Go to the bar, go to the restroom, go outside for a breath of fresh air. Walking around gives the other diners an opportunity to see you, get up, and walk over to strike up conversation.

The adrenaline of trying something new can awaken chemistry in you, which radiates out and attracts others in. So get out there and let your positive energy reel in a great guy for the new year. 

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