5 Ways 'The Bachelor' Changed What Women Want (For The BETTER!)

The Bachelor

Who knew a farmer from middle America could be so sexy?

Turns out, reality shows like ABC's The Bachelor aren't just a guilty pleasure anymore. They are actually helping to shape our dating reality, and determining what's considered sexy and desirable. With farmer Chris from Iowa as America's current leading man, the dating landscape has dramatically shifted.

Here are 5 ways The Bachelor's Chris Soules is changing our dating reality:

1. Bye bye, bad boys.

Long gone are the days when the Juan Pablo-type of man turns us on. Sure, he's hot, his accent melts hearts, his body is insane, he does and says what he wants, he is unapologetically sexual, and he has the soft side for his little girl.

But once he pulled his layers back, he was less than desirable in the personality department, proving that looks alone simply aren't enough to sustain a relationship. Despite the fact that America's collective interest in this type of bad boy has faded, he did pave a lasting path for the sex appeal of single dads.

2. Farmers are sexy.

Up until now, we didn't pay much notice to the lonely farmer tending his land in Middle America. The online dating site FarmersOnly.com was funny to us because of its hillbilly quirkiness, but it was certainly nothing we took seriously as a place to find "real" partner potential.

Times have dramatically changed. Chris from Iowa has shown a very different type of farmer than we ever knew existed. He's hot, tan, ripped, wholesome—in the best possible way—and totally marriage material.

3. Marriage basics trump being rich and famous.

The constant battling between The Housewives of (Insert City Here)—women we think have it all and are happy as clams—the emotional unfulfillment of the publicly rich and famous, and the breakups of so many couples once they "go Hollywood," has made women (who are truly ready for a lasting life partnership) look not to the glitz, glamour, and sexiness of riches, big houses, and media attention. Instead, these women look to the simple and basic principles of love and marriage.

Living on a farm, having a loving and supportive extended family, growing your own vegetables that you eat around a huge family dinner table, kids running outside, and a glass of wine by the fire, watching the sun go down, all seems simply romantic and ideal.

4. Chivalry and gender roles are IN.

The more masculine a man acts, the more feminine a woman feels. Chris embodies a gentleman who can't help but be chivalrous and treats a lady like a lady. This may make some women uncomfortable, since we aren't used to being treated with such adoration and respect, but let me tell you something—it feels so good.

5. Kindness is super hot.

We are redefining what we see as sexy. Superficial wants are proving themselves unsatisfying, so we are taking a realistic look at what you truly need in a relationship, and realizing that the qualities a "nice guy" offers are more appealing and enduring.

With the fun (and often heartbreaking) flings out of our systems, our desire for longevity has become so powerful that the traits that lead to such sustained love are sexy. Instead of being sexually attracted to tall, dark, handsome, funny, rich, and yoga-loving men, we're turned on by feeling safe, seen, loved, respected, adored, and admired, with consistency and integrity.

Finally, love is getting real.

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