3 Tips For Turning First Dates Into Second Dates


Don't follow these tips on every first date, just the ones you want to turn into second dates!

Okay, you got your nerve up to talk to her and it paid off—you got her number! You're excited; you da man, who's better than you? Then it hits you: the date is tomorrow night. What now? There are so many things to take into consideration when planning the first date! Where do I take her, what should I wear, should I ask her what she would like to do? All valid questions, but today, let's get down to the essentials and talk about what's really going to set you apart from the other guys so that you can win that second date. 

Let's first assume that this is your first date with her, not your first date ever, and that you know better than to show up on a first date in something that you wore to work that day. Let's also assume you know something about grooming as well, so fingernails, eyebrows, nose hair and basic manscaping are all in check. Oh, and let's not get bogged down with who's paying, who's ordering etc. You asked her on the date, that means you pay and if you have to, use that as your reason if she asks to contribute. As far as ordering is concerned, make a suggestion, but make it easy for her to order something else (in other words, don't insist or act in any way as if you were offended if she did not take your suggestion—after all, this is a first date, and you should look at this as an opportunity to get to know her!). Now, if you do any of these things incorrectly it will not make or break the date. However, the following tips might:  

Tip #1: "Man with a Plan."

Be confident and considerate. Don't ask her what she wants to do on a date, unless you're asking her if there is anything you should stay clear of when planning the date. Maybe she’s a vegan, or dislikes dancing (you should be so lucky!). But a word of warning: after asking her that question, you had better come up with something more interesting than the Cheesecake Factory at the mall! Plan everything in advance, including a backup plan in case the picnic in the park you had planned is rained out. Women—people—love it when they know you put thought into how you are going spend your time together. Flowers and chocolate are all good additions, but do not compare to a good plan. Maybe include the chocolate in your plan, but don't let it be the plan!  

Tip #2: Be a man of action!

Girls want to be around guys with a sense of adventure who want to have fun. Show her you like to have fun, that you have something going on, and most likely she will want to be part of that. Remember, enthusiasm is contagious, but make sure she knows that the fun you're having with her wouldn't be as much fun with anyone else.

Tip #3: Closing the deal.

At the end of the night, it is on you to do the closing. Of course, she always has the option to close you, but you need to be the one putting yourself out there and preventing any awkward moments. Also, do not go into this with the belief that the date was a failure if your advances don't lead to the bedroom. If it leads to the bedroom, great, go with it, but don't expect it. Be slow, deliberate and give her opportunity to respond, and the rest will take care of itself.

Practice these tips and above all, be yourself, be honest, be cool and light hearted. If it doesn't work out, no sweat—try again, knowing you did all the right things but not with the right person.

Some people say dating is a numbers game. Maybe! I say it's still a game and you should always go into it with the intention of having fun and if nothing else, learning new things from new people and learning more about yourself! Think about it, it makes sense.