14 Reasons Why Paula Is Having Trouble Taking Robin Back!

Love, Heartbreak

Why accepting a sorrowful apology is more difficult than it seems...

When a guy messes up and he knows it, he is going to do whatever it takes to get you back. Especially if he truly loves his woman. Believe me, I have been there a couple of times myself and it's the worst feeling in the world when your wife gives you the look that she is heartbroken. You just want to crawl in a hole and disappear, or wish you could hit the rewind button on all of your mistakes. 

This is the case and point for Robin Thicke as he desperately tries to win back the love and trust of his estranged wife Paula Patton. He has appeared on talk shows, awards shows and even titled his latest album 'Paula' in an attempt to attempt to save his family.

As a woman that is faced with this dilemma, you usually have three choices. Do you throw away years of great memories for a couple of bad choices, do you wait and see if his actions will follow his words, or do you scrap it all and move on?

There are 14 reasons why Paula has had difficulty taking Robin back:

  1. Everytime I think about what he did, I want to cry, but I'm tired of crying. 
  2. He wasn't the man I married, or that he claimed to be in his music.
  3. I'm still confused.
  4. Right now, the love isn't there and I don't know when it's coming back.
  5. I still can remember all the games he played.
  6. The love we had is still on my mind, but I won't tell him that.
  7. If I were to let him back in, he will never take me for granted. AGAIN!
  8. For once, I'm going to 'TEACH HIM A LESSON!
  9. I'm still not sure if my dreams willl take precedence over his.
  10. I would rather focus on the good times we had and not the unknown pain.
  11. I can forgive, but I can't forget.
  12. I will still always love him, but...
  13. I'm still angry
  14. I'm really enjoying this freedom thing.

Based on the list, I decided to help Paula and share her feelings in a new album, simply titled 'Robin.'

To see the 14 song playlist CLICK HERE.

What songs are on your playlist when you are trying to find clarity in your complicated marriage?