Online Dating: Which Site Is Right For You?


So many sites to choose from, but which one is right for you?

So, you finally caved and decided to dive into the pool of online dating. Now what? With a platter of websites available, choosing one is a difficult task. I have tried and tested three of the most popular options—here are my tales to help you choose yours.


The commercials don't lie! This is the most popular of my choices and the net that casts the most dates. On any given day, I can input my future soul mate's criteria and hundreds of choices pop up. The obvious pro is that another date is always a click away. On the flip side, that date I was hoping would call has just as many options. My matches have been good guys, strange guys and everything in between, yet I keep subscribing because well, everyone's doing it and the fear of missing out reels me back in again and again.

Disclaimer: Just because someone is essentially paying for love does not mean he is ready or looking for a meaningful relationship. I learned this when a gem of a date declared that if I was not willing to sexually reward him for traveling to my destination on a second date, he was moving on to his next prospect. I declined his misguided offer and six months later, his profile professing his good guy intentions is still up and running—I imagine girls all over the internet are rolling their eyes with me.


This is the most labor intensive website as suitors must fill out an extensive self-survey designed to properly link with compatible matches. I subscribed for three months and met two bachelors—neither clicked but a descent time was had by all. While some believe the quality of daters are greater, the options are sparse. I was shown about 10 matches a week and often felt antsy for more men in my radius. If patience is your virtue, this might be the site for you.

Plenty of Fish

This site is free and easy. I had one solid date and an array of creepy messages. The nothing to lose motto holds true here because no real investment (time or money) is made. That being said, double dipping is rampant as familiar EHarmony and Match prospects spend their cyber time fishing as well. (In case you're wondering, Mr. Reward Me is one of them.) The searching is similar to Match as hundreds of faces appear after you enter your must have's and delete your deal-breakers. One bonus feature for my fellow privacy minded singles is that the site allows you to hide your picture from the public but include it with any message you send. This genius move made up for the plenty of selfies I was forced to filter through.

Every site (like every person) has their advantages and drawbacks. I am still searching for my Prince Charming among the many matches that grace my screen but your winning vehicle could be any of the dating websites out there.  Enjoy the journey, have fun and stay safe no matter what website wins you over.

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