How To Get Your Man To TRULY Listen (Like He Did When You FIRST Met)

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how to get a man to listen

He still cares.

Your man is distant. 

He's not listening to you, or talking to you, the same way he did when you first fell in love

You can't help but wonder what your man wants that you’re not giving him...

...or is it just his issue?

If you really want to solve this problem, you have to understand your role in why he’s distant. But that’s going to take some self-honesty.

Are you ready?

To get him to talk (and listen) to you like he used to, we need to shine the spotlight on you:

  • What is it about you that he loved so much that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you?

  • How were you interacting with him when he fell in love with you?

  • How did you make him feel when you when you head-over-heels in love with him, and you talked together?

Does he still recognize you today as the person you were in the above questions?

Are you still behaving as the happy, deeply caring, sensual, inviting and radiant woman that won his heart?


First, let’s say that you are exactly the same as you were.

The biggest complaint I get from men about their wives is that they don’t feel appreciated.

And the immediate answer I get from wives when they hear this is defensive, saying, "But I do appreciate him!"

Here’s the truth that women sometimes find hard to believe:

Whatever it is that you are doing to appreciate your man ... it isn’t working.

This is where the self-honesty has to exist:

Could you be more appreciative of him?

Could you tell him more often how grateful you are for what he’s done, and does do for you and the family?

Could you show him you value his presence in your life more often?

Could you point out what he does well or what you admire in him?

Could you be more focused on what he needs the most from you?

Could you be more inviting and expressive sensually?

If you are willing to examine your role, you’re likely to find room for improvement on how you demonstrate that you appreciate him.


Now let’s say you aren’t behaving as you were when you felt like you truly had his heart.

Why not?

Are you angry, bitter and resentful towards him for not valuing you in some way?

Are you unhappy with yourself?

Are you stressed out and overwhelmed?

Have you been neglecting your own nurturing or self-care?

Are you looking for him to change, or to fix your relationship?

Whatever your reason is, and it may be perfectly valid.

But now that you understand it, you have the power to shift how he is behaving by changing your own behavior.

If you want him to be more present and communicative with you, then you must bring out more or your softness, happiness, fun, lightness and playfulness to him.

Demands, attitude, withdrawal, more Facebook time, criticism, and withholding anything; including kindness and sex, will not win his heart.

Be willing to be vulnerable. That’s your power.

Ask him to hold you, knowing that he might screw it up, or say something stupid, or not be present, or even say no.

And be willing to do it again and again with softness.

“Will you please hold me for just a few moments, just hold me, that’s all?”

This has the potential of creating a new special moment between you.

Ask for his help. Say with your most loving and sensual voice, “Will you help me?”

I love you, and I’m committed to making our relationship better. Will you help me?”

How does he respond?

How does he respond to your happiness, to your softness, to your radiance, to your sensuality, to your invitation, to your expressiveness?

You are all you need to begin to transform your relationship. You might even ask him to read this, to see his reaction and hear whether he agrees. A life-changing conversation just might follow.


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