3 Things To Do INSTEAD Of Waiting Around For True Love

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If you want your ideal relationship, you need to take action. Now.

Most of us grew up with an idyllic vision of love from “Happily Ever After” stories and movies.

This idyllic vision takes us on a roller coaster ride, full of twists and turns, trying to figure out how to find true love. We end up in relationships that aren’t ideal. We stay in relationships that are clearly over. We don’t fully express ourselves for fear of getting hurt. We do these things in the name of love.

I know this to be true because this was who I was.

When we’re busy trying to make our relationship work, trying to save a relationship that’s over, trying to please our partner, there’s no opportunity to consider, “What if I have the power to create my ideal relationship?”

You have the power.

It’s truly within your hands to create the love you desire. After trying many different ways, I’ve found these three steps to be the most direct and sustaining way to create true love.

Step 1: Be Authentic (e.g. who you’re being)

“Be Authentic” is about discovering and knowing the core of who you are.

It’s a matter of uncovering limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you from your true essence. Once uncovered, you can build a resourceful foundation of thoughts and beliefs that empower you to design the love you want.

An example of being authentic is communicating and expressing yourself from your true self which builds a deeper understanding and connection between you and your partner.

Step 2: Take Inspired Action (e.g. what you’re doing)

Being authentic leads you to take inspired action once you get clear on your ideal relationship. When you know who you truly are, the action you take comes from within and is not based on what your partner does or says.

Action taken based on your partner includes pleasing him to gain his approval or doing something for him to get something in return. You’re taking inspired action when you experience no misunderstandings, no mixed messages, and no second-guessing.

Step 3: Create True Love (e.g. what you have)

Being authentic and taking inspired action leads you to true love.

Having your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions in alignment allows you to move with more ease and clarity in creating your ideal relationship.

You’ll know that you’re creating true love when you feel expanded, open and have an inner knowing that love is here now. Creating true love by being authentic and taking inspired action will guarantee the perfect love for you.

A simple way to remember these steps is this — who you’re being in the relationship leads to what you’re doing — which leads to what you have.

Create your vision of love.

Is who you are and what you’re doing giving you the love you want? If “no” is your answer, ask yourself, “Who have I been in my love relationships? What have I been doing in my love relationships? What kind of love relationship have I attracted?”

Answer these questions truthfully and gain the insight and awareness to redirect your approach to love.

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