Why You Need Courtship


It's a must.

It's a matter of time. Meeting someone you have chemistry with is instantaneous.

The question is for how long? This is especially true for men which is why as a woman it's a good idea to require a courtship.

If you've ever had a man crazy about you one night and then you never hear from him again you know what I'm talking about.

Men need courtship as much if not more than you do. Men fall in love when they're away from you. They fall in love when they give. This takes time. Read A Life Of Love.

As a woman you will need time to find out if the man whose charming you has what it takes for the long run.

It takes time which is what courtship gives you to find out if a man has an essential ingredient. Character. Look inside Dating Advice For Alpha Women.

Character defined in a man is his ability to make and keep agreements. Doing only what feels good in the moment does not a man make.

Courtship brings out the best in a man. He gets to see you in all aspects of his life not just in the bedroom.

P.S. Watch How To Know If You Have Chemistry In 30 Seconds.

This article was originally published at http://www.jamesallenhanrahan.com/blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.