The 5 Best Conversation Starters & Unique Questions To Ask Someone In Order To Get To Know Them

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How To Get A Guy Or Girl To Like You With The Best Conversation Starters & Interesting 'Getting To Know You' Questions

Good conversation starts with the quality of the questions you ask. And when you’re getting to know someone new, having a few smart conversation starters and interesting questions up your sleeve in advance of a first date, party, or work gathering can determine how quickly, and how well, you get to know them and make a good first impression.

When you want to get a guy or girl to like you, it’s easy to revert to "safe" small talk about the weather or upcoming weekend plans. But that doesn't really allow you to show people who you are, or allow you to learn more about them.

Besides, who wants to talk about the weather?!

Keep in mind that by finding interesting questions to ask a guy or girl, aren't only helping yourself get to know another person, you're showing them a deeper side of who you really are.

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Many people underestimate the power they gain by creating a personal "brand".

And "getting to know you" questions don't need to be approached as some serious Q&A. If you keep them playful and light, you'll both see the experience as more of a fun, enjoyable game.

So if you really want to know how to get a guy or girl to like you, here are some the best conversation starters and most interesting questions to ask in order to get to know someone.

1. "What’s one memory you have that always makes you LOL?"

Why it works: Everyone has a funny story to tell. And it’s likely to involve them and a few friends. This question helps you get to know his sense of humor and his outlook in life.

What people find funny can tell you a lot about their disposition and how they may cope with stress. Plus, they are always entertaining. Bonus!

2. "If there was a zombie invasion and skills (not money) were used for currency, what would you want to learn today?"

Why it works: You don’t have to use this exact question, but a question likes this requires a vivid imagination from both sides. It also opens things up for further conversation. What someone picks could say a lot about who they are.

Even though I’m married, my husband and I still have tons of fun answering questions like this. We often joke how my soft skills would be no help if zombies were to invade us.

These are fun questions to ask no matter how you want rephrase them.

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3. "If you could only eat entrees or deserts for the rest of your life, what would you choose?"

Why it works: Open-ended hypotheticals make great fodder for good, long chats. Would he choose sweet or savory?

Whether this topic takes off or not, it’ll open the door for a back and forward conversation which is exactly what you want

4. "Tell me about your biggest phobia."

Why it works: When you ask this question, you’ll get two kinds of answers. Sharing your biggest fears is a great way to encourage people to drop their guard. This is when you get to know who they really are and what motivates them.

Also, fears are always tied to a story, which is a great way to deepen an already engaging conversation.

5. "Tell me two truths and a lie."

Why it works: This is a fun game that keeps things light and playful. It also opens up the opportunity for follow up conversations.

People always find the most outrageous truths about themselves, so you can count on a few good stories to follow.

How to play: The rules are as simple as the name of the game.

You tell the person two statements that are true about you and one statement that is a lie. They then need to guess which of the three is a lie.

Coming up with conversation starters to keep things interesting doesn’t need to be difficult.

If you’ve run out of fun questions to ask your date, use your surroundings for inspiration. For example, if you’re out at a park and see a dog, you can ask your date what breed they’d be if they were a dog.

Have fun with it and you'll be getting to know each other in no time!

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