Is Wedding Planning Ruining Your Relationship?

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Does planning your wedding overwhelm you? Take a deep breath and let the rest come easy.

Be honest: have you gone a little overboard in the wedding planning department? Do you sense that your fiancé really misses the girl he fell in love with? The one who had interests other than dress shopping and designing invitations? Is your sudden obsession with planning the "perfect" wedding even surprising to you? Here's the deal: If you've transformed from a reasonable and levelheaded woman into a linens and flowers obsessed bridezilla, it's time for a wakeup call.

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There is a very strong chance that wedding planning is ruining your relationship if you:

  • Constantly cancel date night with your fiancé to do wedding planning stuff instead.
  • Keep hearing your fiancé say he misses you and feels left out.
  • Spend all of your free time wedding planning.
  • Are losing sleep thinking about all of the things that are going wrong.
  • Can tell your fiancé is getting frustrated and fed up with the whole process.

If any of those things are happening in your relationship, it's time to get your perspective back! For starters, I want you to put away the wedding planning immediately and go spend some time with your guy! Cuddle up and watch your favorite show together, or grab your pup and head to the dog park for some quality time. Be with your partner and remember why you're getting married in the first place—because you love this person!

Once you're reconnected, ask your guy which aspects of wedding planning he's most excited about. For example, is he interested in tasting the cake, while the idea of picking out flowers is a total bore? Perfect! Include him in picking out the sweets, but take care of the flowers on your own or with your girlfriends.

Now that you have a plan to get him involved, do your best to detach from the outcome and make wedding planning fun! When you start to get overly stressed out, remind yourself that this wedding as important as it is, is only one day and you have the rest of your life to be married. You and your guy are in this together, so just have fun and enjoy the journey.

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