5 Clever Ways To Enjoy Valentines Day Alone

valentines day

Don't be a Debbie Downer on the most romantic day of the year!

by Jessica Ashley, Sr. Editor, GalTime.com

Flip past any commercial, meander down an aisle in Target or breeze through every lady-magazine at this time of year and you'll be bombarded with so many hearts and kisses and diamond tennis bracelets and stuffed animals holding mylar balloons that you may feel less-than, lonely or even like you must relive the heartbreak that happened many months ago.

When Valentines Day approaches, what do you do if your heart feels like it has been cracked in half? How do you plan for a day that seems to be designed for every couple in America — which feels like everyone who is not you? What do you do with yourself if you just think the whole holiday sucks?

You start by being done with that kind of thinking. Take two minutes to feel the yuck and then shake it off. Literally. Stand up and tell it to leave your brain and body. And since you're already looking goofy doing that in the middle of the cubicles at your office, move on to these steps women say help them to love the day that, in truth, is made for all of us — no matter whether we're snuggling up to someone or luxuriating in the center of the bed alone on Valentines Eve.

1. Love on yourself. One simple question: What would feel really good to you right this moment? Don't ponder it for too long. Scribble down whatever it is that comes to mind. Is it the pair of boots you can't stop thinking about? A wedge of outrageously expensive, melt-in-your mouth cheese? A bath without small children pestering you to get out and play Legos? A massage?

Now find a way to do that thing for yourself. If you can't afford the boots right now, get old-timey and put five bucks in a jar to start a shoe fund. Swap babysitting hours with a friend so you can each have time alone without kids. Splurge on the expensive cheese. And here's the kicker: You have to write a card to yourself and attach it to your gift. Keep reading ...

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