Why You Shouldn't Lose Weight For Your Wedding

Why You Shouldn't Lose Weight For Your Wedding [EXPERT]
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Arm muscle and thigh size have no role in your future happiness.

The extreme European diet that involves a ten day feeding tube to lose up to 20 pounds is all over the media. Clearly, this type of story strikes a chord with all of us.

For those of you who are stressed out about being the "perfect bride" with the "perfect body" on the "perfect day," why not go to extreme measures to lose those last annoying pounds? Who cares? It's your body and your life. Have A Worldly Wedding [VIDEO]

Here's the real truth:

We all have people in our lives who care dearly about us. While we're so busy getting Lasik, going to bridal bootcamp to get "Michelle Obama arms," or sticking feeding tubes down our noses for ten days, our loved ones worry. Isn't it interesting that we never hear from the men?  

There are some grooms who are either freaking out about an exhausted fiancée or annoyed that she mistakenly believes those last ten pounds will magically make her happy. There are also the grooms who are deathly afraid of kidney failure from the feeding tube procedure or who wonder what sort of woman they're actually marrying once they gave her the engagement ring. Where are their voices of outrage? Many of them are demanding that they get their sweet, lovable old girlfriends back. 4 Things To Consider BEFORE Having Your Pet In Your Wedding

We date and get engaged with whatever body and personality we have. Right? Our grooms say, "I want you exactly the way you are right now because you are the woman of my dreams." They did not give a conditional engagement ring, demanding that we lose certain body hair or build muscle where none has ever existed before or require tubes in our bodies.

Our friends and family want us to be happy on the inside. They want us to have a beautiful, healthy, lifelong marriage. They want to witness the "birth" of our marriage. They are all perfectly aware that this type of relationship involves involuntary gas, unseemly changes from pregnancy, unwanted hair growth and saggy body parts.

They aspire for us to be in the type of relationship that ends in deep laugh lines and wrinkles, where often one partner can't walk well or at all. We all want that couple to be together. We all hope that they'll be laughing as their bodies gently slide into old age.  

It's time that we stand up to the pressures. All of the marriage research that currently exists makes it clear that arm muscle and thigh size have no role in your future happiness. Weddings guests and grooms would prefer to see the "real" us instead of the unattainable, temporary perfection many future brides try to create. They prefer the honest, lovable and true version of ourselves. How Does The Movie 'Bridesmaids' Relate To Soulmates?

Everyone wants to see that we're ready to tackle the most important relationship of our lives despite our muffin top waists, glasses, frizzy hair and comfort-wear shoes for our aching feet. After all, that is exactly how our grooms wanted us when the "should we get married" conversation ended in a "yes."

May your marriage have many wrinkles and eye crinkles in the coming years.

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