10 Things To Know To Love Your Body & Have Great Sex?

Love, Sex

• Your body is a work of beauty and art created intentionally by the same God that created the earth.  It is a sensual body filled with many wonderful ways to know, experience and celebrate joy and pleasure.  Love, appreciate and savor every inch of your lusciousness!
• You were given your sensual, beautiful, miraculous body so you could know how remarkable you are.  The more you believe this the more joy you will bring to yourself.
• You were created to know love – to be loved, to give love, to act in love and to defend love.
• You are hard wired for pleasure and connection.  This is part of your desire for love, for touch and when you decide, for sexual touch and intimate knowing.
• Loving deeply and sharing your body, mind and soul with another can be both amazing and painful.  Love is powerful – it can be powerful for good and it can hurt deeply when you or your love are rejected, treated poorly or when a lover leaves or dies.
• Because loving can be painful, it takes a lot of courage and strength of character to choose to love others in the face of potential rejection and pain.
• Sometimes people have been hurt or treated poorly in their life and this affects their ability to give or receive love well.  Sometimes people are still maturing and don’t treat others with the respect and care they deserve.  Because of this it is good to discern if the people you care for have the maturity and strength of character to be loving and caring toward you – cherishing the miracle of you. It is your job to decide who is able to treat you as you desire.
• All people, men and woman, boys and girls, you and me, are not responsible for what we feel but are ALWAYS 100% responsible for our actions and words.  You can and will manage strong emotions if you choose to.  No one has the power to make you do or say anything you do not choose. And no matter what you are told, you are not responsible for another adult’s words or actions.
• Your body and desires are good.  Determine to make choices so your experiences of love, intimacy, touch and pleasure give you memories you cherish.  You write your sexual story with the choices you make. Write a story you love!
• Find people you can trust to coach, guide, love and support you as you learn about the gifts of your body, heart, mind and spirit. It can feel complicated and it helps to have a few people you can trust so you don’t feel alone and confused.