Have Women Departed from Feminine Stereotypes When Dating?

This article gives some new facts about women's departure from feminine stereotypes when dating.


In the past some men might have associated the term 'Feminist' with an angry woman who hates men.  Today the term 'Feminist' hopefully brings up an image of a person (man or woman) who respects women's rights and appreciates independent, strong women.

One study showed 'dating a feminist' is now a turn on and findings revealed that Feminism improves romance and the quality of relationships.  Men of feminist partners reported more stable relationships and greater sexual satisfaction.

Men are becoming more attracted to successful, high income and multitalented women and those women are multiplying like wildfire. 

Roles are also becoming more diffuse in romantic relationships and in some cases, even reversed.

So I wonder if you have thought about it.  How many single men today would love to date a Feminist?  How many would call themselves a Feminist?

Men, speak out.  This is an informal poll and we'd like to hear from you.

What are the advantages of dating a Feminist?  Does it make you feel emasculated or empowered to be with a strong, successful woman?

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