Secret to More Sex: Stop Calling Him Honey


If you’re used to calling your sexual and/or romantic partner a nickname like “Baby”, “Honey”, or “Sweetie” it might be time to reconsider. Grace Jennings-Edquist, a blogger in Australia looked into recent research on the topic of idiosyncratic language between partners in couples.

Lovey-dovey nicknames: secret relationship killers. Fact.  

The headline is clearly shocking – “relationship killers” is very doom and gloom! But the studies Grace references make a very good point: cutesy nicknames like “Honey” and “Baby” turn an erotic, sexual relationship into something more akin to family. We don’t tend to think of family as super sexy.

On the other side of the coin, relationships who develop unique nick names and codewords report higher relationship satisfaction. Sharing something between just the two of you creates a special connection and keeps the intrigue alive. So if you’ve noticed your relationship has become a little lacking in the passion department, trying swapping out “Honey” for “Sexy Stud” or “Hot Mama” instead.

What nicknames do you use with your lover?

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