Setting Your Priorities Straight


If a relationship is going to last, it needs to be a priority.

http://http://sextalkradionetwork.com/show-details/empowered-relationships/As a relationship expert, I'm often asked what are the important factors to make a relationship strong. There are a number of important things that go into making for a solid empowered relationship. (To address this, I put together Marriage Tips That Actually Work.)

Today, what I’d like to share with you is the need to take care of it. Now, at first glance that might seem obvious. But then I’d like you to look at the reality of your life. Do you, in fact, make your relationship a priority? When you first get involved with someone, he or she does take center stage. As a matter of fact, what often happens is that you forget about other things or people. This person becomes the focus of your attention through actual time spent together, phone calls, texts, emails, etc. I guess you could say, “You’re into him or her.” The other person feels really good, feels like they really matter. And that’s what makes the initial stages of a relationship so special.

Once you become committed, the partnership gets deeper and closer. Now, that’s pretty special too. With it, you can get more relaxed. Certainly, that’s another benefit. But what generally happens is that the relaxation turns into taking the relationship for granted and then life gets in the way. Before you know it, your attention is focused elsewhere and your partner and relationship is put on the back burner.  In long-term relationships, things often get stale but then can be revitalized!)

Any strong empowered relationship will be able to endure a periodic stressful time. However, if you do this too often, there’s no relationship to come back to. An empowered relationship is one that is vital and alive. So, just like a plant it needs tending to, so does your partnership. A quick tip to help you with this idea: just like you put a reminder down for all the other commitments you have, schedule in time for you and your mate. It seems so easy … and it really is so powerful!

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Dr. Karen

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