10 Reasons Why Your Dog Is The BEST Matchmaker


Here's how your dog can make your journey to finding your perfect partner easier than ever before.

All dog-owners knows, dogs really do improve your quality of lifeeven if they hog most of the bed at night, leave their toys everywhere, or regularly disturb your sleep by barking at the moon.

What's more, research shows you're 3 times more likely to get a date if you have a dog (according to a 2008 study from the University of Bretagne Sud by Nicolas Guegen and Serge Ciccotti). 

But it doesn't stop hitting the dating scene. Your dog could well be the best matchmaker ever. Here's why:

1. The Feel-Good Factor.

Nobody does it better than a dog when it comes to creating that instant feel-good factor. Dogs have a talent for bringing people back into the here-and-now and giving them the opportunity for a bit of friendly human contact.

Most people are grateful for that. Your dog does the work to produce the feel-good factor. You reap the benefits. That's great team work.

2. They're Great Talking Points.

If you're a timid soul, you may feel awkward about starting a conversation with an attractive member of the opposite sex. Your dog doesn't have that problem. Fido, or Dido, is perfectly comfortable bounding up to anyone and getting them talking.

3. They're Natural Negativity-Busters.

Are you someone who suffers with self-talk-itis? A lot of people are. They have a "not enough" internal voice inside their head that's forever telling them they're not interesting enough, or attractive enough, or...you get the picture?  

Dogs don't have that voice. When you're basking in the warm glow cast by your dog, the "not enough" voice is silent, leaving you free to simply chat with your dog's new best friend. At the very least, that's confidence building and great practice. 

4. They're Good Judges Of Character.

Generally, dogs have a good sense of who is nice to know and who is not. When it comes to listening to their intuition, dogs beat humans hands down. If it's dislike at first sight, it's dislike at first sight.  

Dogs don't create trouble for themselves by telling themselves Mr. (or Miss) Dislikeable is a lovely person, really.

5. They Make Meeting Up Again Easy.

Asking someone for a date can feel a bit high-risk. Meeting up with a fellow dog-lover, or dog-ownercasually, by design—is a lot easier and less anxiety-provoking. 

Since it's not a date as such, it's not high-stakes and you don’t have to put on an act, which means you can relax and be authentically you. When you're relaxed and authentic, you're at your most attractive (Thanks, Fido!).

6. You Don't Have To Rush Things.

With dating culture there is pressure to get to sexual intimacy in short order. That it can cloud your judgment. 

When Fido is playing Cupid, you get ample opportunity to take your time and get clear about whether  you actually like the other person as a person, before they get to share yourand Fido'sbed.

7. They Provide A Useful Take On Compatibility. 

Dogs offer you a practical, working guide to compatibility. Compatibility is a funny thing: it's based less on sameness than it is on respect for another person's differences. So, a Bull terrier owner, say, may or may not be compatible with a Chihuahua owner.

The clue is how well that owner responds to a very different breed.

8. They Unearth The True Pecking-Order Before You Do.  

When you observe how they are around dogs, you get an insight into what that person is really like. Loving dogs is, of course, a plus. Your dog is not negotiable. You want someone who sees your dog (and their dog) as important.

Still, nobody should come second to someone else's dog (although how you work it between you and your own dog is entirely up to you). You wouldn't want to be with someone who puts their mother, or their friends before you, right?

Nor do you want to be with someone who literally and metaphorically puts their dog in the front passenger seat, relegating you to the back seat.

9. Anger Management.

You can learn a lot from the way a person treats a dog. What happens when a dogeither yours or theirsdoes something that annoys that person? How angry do they get? How do they deal with it?

If you don't like their anger around their dog's behavior that's a serious red flag. The longer you spend around them, the more likely they are to treat you in much the same way. (If it's not good enough for Fido, it's not good enough for you.)

10. They're Great Role Models.

Dogs are pretty savvy creatures: they take themselves seriously, but they don't 'sweat the small stuff'. Every day a dog will go out and deal with rejection: there will be people who don't find him, or her, irresistibly attractive, who don't stop to exchange a few words and give him, or her, a pat.

Dogs don't take those things to heart. They don't make it mean anything about them. They know, some will, some won't, and there'll always be enough nice people around to appreciate them. It's a great lesson. In that sense, 'dating like a dog' really is the way to go. 

Even if Fido, or Dido, is currently ahead of you in the Engage-and-Enchant game, an adult human can always learn new tricks.

Finding your perfect partner can be more difficult than finding your perfect pet. But don't give up, everything you've learned that makes you a good pet owner can be "re-purposed" to help you find your wonderful, forever partner.  

You can find more information about who not to date here. 

Annie Kaszina was a long-term relationship disaster, until she realized that it made sense to choose her partner at least as carefully as her dog. After 1 year teaching women to become the special woman a good man will cherish, Annie wrote Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband? (a Beverly Hills Book Awards Finalist). For more information and free resources, go to www.ChooseYourMan.com.