4 Ways To Successfully Communicate With Your Guardian Angels

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The key to receiving help is precipitated by asking for help. Are you asking for help?

Learn To Communicate With Your Guardian Angels.

Surveys reveal the majority of people, who believe in angels are primarily tied to religion, with 88 percent of Christians, 95 percent of evangelical Christians and 94 percent of those who attend weekly religious services of any sort saying they believe in angels.

In brief people believe angels can help in many areas of life. The key to receiving help is precipitated by asking for help. Are you asking for help?

Help is available to you, 24/7, but it is up to you whether you ask and you choose to hear, accept and utilize that help. Or whether you will ignore it or talk yourself out of what your angels bring to you.

Through over 20 years of helping people learn to build effective communication with their angels, I have noticed that your beliefs and concepts about how souls work is a big factor in the success you have in connecting with your angel team.

Your angels can help you in all areas of your life. Are you asking for help? Angel help is readily available to you, but it is up to you whether you choose to pay attention and utilize that help. Or whether you ignore the messages or talk yourself out of your impressions.

The following tips will help you to communicate with your angels with greater success and frequency.

1. Angels Are Duty Bound To Let You Make You Own Decisions.

Thus, avoid asking them to make a decision. You will be disappointed if you do. God imbued you with free will, thus, if angels make your decisions for you that would usurp your free will. The best way to avoid asking your angels to make decisions for you; thus, ask your angels for their opinion on the decision you made.

For example: You can ask your angels if the decision you made is in your best interest. Is your decision in alignment with your life purpose? And ask if your decision is in the best timing to do it? These facts will help you to make a clearer decision.

2. Trust Your Intuition/Feelings Above All Else!

I have been connecting with my angels for assistance before age two. One thing I have learned is that the best answer to any question or issues I have lies in my inner intuition/feelings. You are more sensitive than you give yourself credit.

If you sense you are receiving conflicting answers from your angels, take some time to look within and notice how you TRULY feel about a situation. Or notice how you ask the question. Ask questions in simple sentences verses compound or complex sentences.

  • Complex Sentence: Although, I want to be a better golfer, I am concerned it takes too much time.
  • Compound-Complex Sentence: To this day, there is much controversy surrounding 9/11, and still, the American politicians swear they knew nothing prior to the attack.

If you are indecisive, it could be that you need more facts, more clarification or it simply isn't the right time, yet. Trust your intuition/feelings above all else. If you are indecisive because there was a fact you are missing, search for more facts. Stay patient with yourself and listen to your intuition/feelings.

At other times, your intuition/feelings will indicate the best option. You might deny something out of fear or worry about what others will think, but deep down you know.

If you are open and receptive, your angels will help you to tune in to what you sincerely intuit/feel and what you sincerely desire. That is the best path to take.

3. Many People Get Confirmation From Angels Through Chills On Their Arms, Legs, Back Of Neck Or Entire Body.

Do you pay attention to when you feel chills or tingling? This is your angels notifying you to pay attention to their communication with you. You feel their high energy vibration as chills when they come close to you physically.

If you are talking about a new idea or plan and feel chills just at that moment, that's a very good sign that your angels are confirming that idea is a very good thing for you to follow through on! 

When I feel chills as a confirmation from angels, it helps me to know that I am in the right place at the right time. It helps me to avoid procrastination and to take action on my ideas and move forward!

When I am working with a client and I hear something that pertains to him/her; I ask a question to deepen the meaning. Acknowledging, that you hear a message is helpful for you and your angels.

It helps you to release self-doubt and TRUST more. Acknowledging the angels, also, gives your angels information on what tones you hear and if you interpret their message correctly. Angels like to be acknowledged too, they have a sense of accomplishment. 

You and your angels are a team. For example: "Thank you angels for helping me to remember_____."

4. Don't Worry About The HOW When You Hear A Message.

That's your angels' job description. For example: You might decide to take a big trip and ask, "Can I afford it?" Ask you angels to bring the funds by the date you need it.

There are lots of details to plan, organize and take action on including booking flights, planning the timing, finding places to stay, and much more! You might tend to worry about how on earth you are going to accomplish everything, not to mention finding the money to pay for it.

However, in these situations, if you have received confirmation from your angels that a trip of this nature is a high priority for your life purpose; you don't need to worry about the how. Your angels will take care of the how.

This is what FAITH means. When you are in the right place at the right time, following the guidance of Angels (your team of helpers); everything will work out.

You need to be willing to take action on the inspiration and ideas that come to you when you have been guided and the time is right. If you don't take action on these inspirations that your angels give you; nothing will transpire.

But when you trust and are willing to move forward without knowing how everything will turn out, coincidences and successes will occur.

The majority of people hold back because they worry that they will make the "wrong" decision or that they will fail. Trust in the power of your angels to manifest what you need when you need it and you will have success and abundance. 

This is the Law of Attraction, Law of Abundance and the Laws of the Universe. Create a wonderful and exciting day moment to moment all ways always. 

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