10 Things The MOST Sexual Couples Have In Common

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There’s always some room for improvement in sexual performance and satisfaction.

Sex is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. Some couples have a strong sexual bond, while others struggle to make their sex life more passionate and increase intimacy.

Highly sexual couples make it seem effortless, which is why they can teach you a lot about sexuality in long-term relationships.

Let's be honest, there's always some room for improvement in sexual performance and satisfaction and this article can help you with that.

To know how to be more sexual with your partner, here are 10 most common habits of highly sexual couples:

1. They spend more time together.

Although this may seem like a no-brainer, it is the lack of time spent together that destroys intimacy. The busy schedule leaves you exhausted at the end of the day and sex is the last thing on your mind. But, even when you do have some time, you rarely dedicate it to your partner.

Back at the beginning of the relationship, the story was entirely different. What makes highly sexual couples stand out is the fact they prioritize spending time together. Busy couples with hectic lifestyle also have the practice to schedule at least 30 minutes to spend with their partner.

This doesn't always have to mean sex, you can do just about anything: talking, touching, cuddling, among other things. 

2. They please and want to be pleased.

The secret to having good sex lies in both receiving pleasure and aiming to please. Sometimes we get caught up in intense desire to feel be pleasured and forget our partner has sexual needs and desires as well.

Let's take oral sex as an example. Some people love to receive it, but they're reluctant to give it. Highly sexual couples have no problem with this; they love being pleasured, but they also aim to make their partner feel the same way. 

3. They talk about sex. 

Having one-night stands are easy and don't require much effort. However, having a passionate sex life in a long-term relationship needs more work. You've been told communication is the key to a strong relationship, but it also matters for your sex life.

Don't feel uncomfortable talking about sex. How can you pleasure one another if you don't specify what you want, don't want, like, or dislike? Communicate, talk, and exchange ideas and thoughts. Talking about sex helps you understand both partner's and your own sexual needs. 

4. They are confident.

When you don't feel confident, you are less likely to have sex. Just by feeling better in your skin and learning to love your body, sex life can mark a significant boost.

Highly sexual couples know that they don't get hung up on how their bodies look and they don't feel uncomfortable being naked in front of their partner. If you want more sex, learn to love yourself.

Remember, imperfections make you perfect.

5. They go to bed together.

Do you and your significant other go to bed together or one of you hits the sack earlier while the other person keeps watching TV? Your sleep habits matter too! One of the most common habits of highly sexual couples is that they make it rule to go to bed together. The sheer act of hitting the sack as a couple can help improve intimacy.

And no, this doesn't mean they have sex absolutely every night. Both sexual and non-sexual acts matter! Even science confirmed benefits of going to bed together. Female participants reported they were happier when they male partners went to bed the same time as they did, in a study published in the Psychosomatic Medicine. 

6. They experiment.

Same old sex position results in monotony and makes a beautiful act as sexual intercourse seem robotic and emotionless. Sex should be about passion, raw emotions, and incredible excitement paired with strong movements that make you speechless.

Highly sexual couples aren't afraid to experiment with different positions, sex toys, places to have sex, and other things that make their sex life a proper Wonderland. Even if your practice safe sex, it doesn't mean your intercourse should be boring. Contraception isn't an excuse to make the entire act monotonous.

Therefore, experiment, change positions, and be creative. 

7. They trust each other.

One thing highly sexual couples can't function without is a lack of trust. Let's face it, you can't be a sexual couple or strive to build intimacy and passion and have trust issues.

Intimacy and trust go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Highly sexual couples have worked through their trust issues and removed this major barrier to amazing sex life. 

8. They both initiate sex.

In most relationships, one person initiates sex while the other partner decides whether they are up for it or not. This is boring and dysfunctional, particularly if the initiator keeps getting slapped with rejection. When only one person initiates sex, that limits the frequency of intercourse.

Many couples stop having sex primarily because only one person is expected to start the "session", which is why they become frustrated and stop trying.

Highly sexual couples successfully avoided this obstacle as well. Both partners initiate sex and, therefore, increase the frequency of intercourse. Since they aren't rejected all the time, both people aren't afraid to engage in sexual initiation. 

9. They don't rely on their "mood".

"Not now, please. I'm not in the mood." How many times have you said or received such an excuse? What highly sexual couples have in common is that they don't rely on their mood. But how?

If you rely on that specific mood for sex, you'll rarely feel like having intercourse. Don't wait for that perfect opportunity, because sex life doesn't work like that, especially if you have kids, busy schedules, and many other things to do. If you don't feel like having sex, a little bit of foreplay can get you there. 

10. They have quickies.

There is no rule which states you should have sex in bed before you fall asleep. You can have sex anytime anywhere and you don't even need long foreplay. Quickies exist for a reason!

Highly sexual couples embrace the benefits of quickies and so should you. A quickie can be very passionate and make you feel great. Needless to mention you also feel naughty and more confident. Go for it!

Highly sexual couples prioritize spending some time together, they talk about sex and experiment with different positions. These couples teach us that communication and trust are important building blocks of strong sex life. Try to incorporate these tips into your relationship as well.

Donna Begg is an expert editor, a mentor, analyst and a researcher. 

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