5 Secrets You *Must* Know If You Want To Find An Amazing, QUALITY Woman

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5 Must-Know Secrets For How To Find An AMAZING GIrlfriend

How to separate yourself from the rest of the pack, gentlemen...

Do you describe yourself as a crumb taker? You often settle because you assume and expect that great things — like love — just don't happen for people like you. 

Do you constantly watch your friends fall in love while you're stuck at home alone on a Saturday night?

Does dating an amazing woman who adores you and accepts every aspect of you not seem possible?

  • "At the end of the date, before I told her I had a really good time, I went in for a kiss. She turned her head and gave me her cheek and then awkwardly walked away from me. I texted her that I had a great time. I got no response." 
  • "I was on a date with a gorgeous girl, which made me really uncomfortable. I wasn't making sense, my heart was pounding, I was sweating. I was incredibly intimidated; she was way out of my league. I was so fixated on her liking me that I screwed the whole thing up." 
  • "We grabbed a drink at a bar. I thought things were going really well. Conversation was going well but there was no eye contact and she seemed a bit distant. I was getting mixed signals which had me really confused."

These are examples of my clients making dating mistakes not knowing what they did wrong or how to fix them on their own. I want to help prevent you from making the same mistakes.

How to find an amazing girlfriend is through these 5 secrets. Soon, you'll be able to find and keep an amazing woman:

1. Women admire confidence.

After interviewing over a hundred women, the most admired quality in a man was, undoubtedly, confidence. Men who have confidence act and hold themselves differently and give off a different vibe.

Subconsciously, you describe and share the world you live in with others, whether positive or negative. When you positively share the elements of your life, women naturally want to be a part of that world. It's not about being the best looking or richest guy in the room. It's about being the guy who has that magnetic energy that sets him apart. 

I can teach you how to ask a woman on a date, when to kiss a woman, and how to increase attraction, but if you don't have the proper mindset and confidence, you won't be successful. Don't feel too bad if this isn't you yet. Most people don't naturally exude confidence. It takes dedication, time, and the proper tools to shift negative thought patterns.

You are enough, regardless of what or who has caused you to think differently. 

2. Let go of the past.

It’s time to make peace with your past and release the pain you experience that is constantly weighing you down. Forgive the person or experience you have had. When you forgive someone, you are not excusing the behavior or pretending it didn’t even happen. But letting go of the resentment and anger is incredibly healthy and healing.

Maybe you've had your heart broken, your parent’s marriage was tumultuous, you were bullied when you were younger, or you were told you can’t do something or that you're not good enough. This pain controls you and you’re the one who suffers. It’s time to let go of what no longer serves you. Get rid of the dark to allow for the light. 

3. Be masculine and feminine.

Nope, that wasn't a typo. Women are looking for a man who can be masculine in order to provide strength and protection. Women are also looking for a man who can be feminine when she needs support, encouragement, and understanding.

Men have the desire to fix things but often, when a woman is sharing her troubles or her sadness, she simply wants you to listen, acknowledge, and validate her feelings. 

A man who is able to move seamlessly between his masculine and feminine self whenever appropriate will make a much better partner and ultimately a much better father. 

4. It's in the experience, not the words

There is no perfect phrase or pickup line that is magically going to get a woman to like and commit to you. Women crave and deserve more than just a used up and ineffective pickup line.

Along the same lines, each woman values different things in order of importance. One woman may crave kindness; another may crave humor.

A woman desires the experience you give her and the feelings associated with it. The better the experience and feelings created, the better opportunity you have to date her. She will give you her number, expecting to have the same experience and feelings the next time she sees you. 

When you approach a woman, she will immediately question whether she's safe or what you want from her, which means that it's your responsibility to quickly establish that you're non-threatening and warm (making her laugh doesn't hurt either). This is all part of the experience you are giving her. 

5. You found her...now what? 

Many guys blow it when they find a great woman but then have no idea what to do next. This may be surprising, but the work actually begins once you find a woman you want to date

The most successful couples make it look easy. Being in a good, healthy relationship is quite easy; it's the execution that can cause problems.

If I'm in a relationship with you and I'm doing everything I can to make you happy (mentally, emotionally, physically) and you're doing everything you can to make me happy (mentally, emotionally, physically), we're both happy.

Regardless of your dating experience, implementing these 5 secrets into your own dating life will dramatically improve the quality of your relationships.

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