Ladies Stop Micro-Managing Him And Let Him Be A Man!

a man taking control
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Here's how to avoid one of the biggest causes of arguments and breakups in relationships!

If you desire an amazing relationship with a man …

If you want to bring out his alpha-male or the king in him …

You need to stop micro managing him. (Take this relationship advice)

A lot of women do it without realizing it. You do it because you care, but you don't understand how it triggers a man's mind. It can be something as simple as, "Are you going to go grab the kids from the play date today and take them to dinner?"

You'll say with the intention of being sweet.

"Okay, just tell them that I wasn't going to … Dad wanted to pick them up and have a little fun dinner with them, blah, blah, blah." You give him a whole script what he should say.

You like to be heard and you care, but what a man hears inside his mind is: "You don’t know how to talk our kids"

Then his inner man psyche goes to:

"I know how to talk to MY kids, I know what to say. Don’t put words in my mouth and STOP trying to cut off my balls."

A bit different than what you set out to accomplish, right? And you’ve created a sense of resentment, the death knell for a relationship.

You don't need to tell him what to say and how to do it. I know some women do it because they're mothers, they're used to mothering. You want everything to be just right and you do it out of love.

I get that. But, it doesn't work that way inside a man's brain. We communicate differently. We have a different language than women. You’ve got to be careful what you say to a man and how you say it. You need to understand the way a man's mind works.

It might sound caring to you, but to him it sounds like nagging. To him it sounds like you are trying to wear the pants. His pants. Women do it in a multitude of ways.

A man might get dressed to go out and say, "Hey Babe, how do I look?"

"Oh, you look great, but the pink shirt would be much better on you. Or that red tie."

Okay, fantastic. But, he's dressed to feel good about himself.

What if you look at him and say "oh baby, that's a great outfit, but let me tell you what my favorite one is. I love when you wear that pink shirt and red tie, it's so cool. It looks great on you, it makes you look powerful."

The way you choose your words, makes him feel like you are supporting him instead of managing him. To you, it looks like only a slight, unimportant difference. But it’s a big difference in his male psyche—between micro managing and supporting him. Between nagging and making him feel like he’s your king.

I understand most of the time women do it out of love, but men hear it differently.

It makes us want to tune you out. It gives us a feeling of "Oh god, there she goes again."

When a man finally brings it up, he will often do it out of frustration. "Oh my god, will you please STOP micromanaging me!"

So think about how you choose your words, how they impact him. Will they pump him up and help him feel like the man you want him to be? That’s your goal.

Forget about your intention. You know the old saying about the road to hell. Remember men communicate differently, which is not only about what we say, but how we hear you.