3 Reasons To Follow Your Gut On Love And Not The Internet

no stalking

Follow these rules and never blow it with a guy you like online!

Alright ladies, I'm going to give you a few rules to follow. These rules are going to help you navigate the evolving worlds of online dating, the internet, and finding love. As a matter of fact, you can send me an e-mail back and just use the words, "I promise." No rebuttal speeches in these e-mails back to me. Nothing. What I'm about to expose to you is going to help you date far better in 2015.

Are you ready for this?

1. Wait to Use The Internet

I, (state your name), promise David Wygant that I will not Google a man before I date him. I will allow myself to go out on the first date and meet him without forming an opinion. I know as a woman I am curious, and it's hard for me not to Google somebody, but I will allow the man to present himself. I will trust my old-fashioned gut instinct.

2. Use the Internet Wisely

I, (state your name), promise as soon as something feels funky in my relationship, if I feel like my man is cheating or if I feel like something is not right, I will use the Internet to find my answer. 

A woman just e-mailed me and she found a guy cheating through Instagram. You know what? Bravo. It's great. Men are perpetual braggers. They like to put their claims, or let's put it this way, they like to post their kills...

Just like their trophies when they played baseball as a kid, just like they go hunting or fishing and they put a head on the wall or a fish on the wall, they will definitely slip up and put a picture that their friends can see of their latest conquest, in turn, disrespecting you in every way, shape and form.

3. Do Not Use the Internet to Address Your Issues

I, (state your name), promise as soon as I find out any information, I will use this information to see if he is willing to tell me the truth. 

Let's go deeper. I know at this point you're angry. You found out your man is cheating. You saw pictures on Instagram. You're heartbroken. But you can use this information to have a very calm conversation. 


Because you're going to be able to see the character of this man. Granted, we know he's a cheater. You have proof. He's right there on social media, sucking face with a woman on Instagram or Facebook. Yes, he is that dumb. But you chose to date this guy for a reason. You were looking for love, but settled for being in a relationship.

You need to sit down and have a face-to-face talk with this man. Ask him if there is anything you need to know. Remain calm. Allow him a free and open space to communicate with you. 

This is probably one of the best lessons you can learn. If you had properly communicated in the beginning, you would've known that this man was not ready for a full-blown commitment.

Last thing (I want you to do is this):

Trust the process and start going back to the gut instincts you have. Speak when you feel, stand up for yourself when you're not happy and stop giving losers a chance. Learn more information and online dating and the internet