Ready For A Change? Be Happy This New Year In 3 Easy Steps

How To Be Happy This New Year In 3 Easy Steps
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If 2014 has left you feeling flat or unfulfilled, this is about to change your year for the better!

We're heading into Christmas—unreal, isn't it? I said last January, this year would fly by. It felt like it was going to be one of those really fast years, and it was. Let me ask you a serious question. I want you to be as honest as you possibly can, because you're only answering to yourself.

Was this year as spectacular as it could have been? Did this year give you all that you wanted, in love, finances, friendships, vacations, everything?

Now that you're sitting and contemplating, I want you to be 100% honest. This is where we can start making serious changes together. Ready to learn how to be happy this new year? Here's how to start:

  1. See The Positive, Forget The Negative: Whenever I ask this question when at my seminars, I always get an answer in the negative. People will always say, "No, it wasn't the best it could have been; My job was not as good as it could have been; I didn't meet the man of my dreams; I didn't meet The One." Most people go into the negative zone because they think I'm asking them to really complain. In reality, I'm showing you how a little minor change in your perspective will alter the way you look at life moving forward. 
  2. Mindset Is Everything: We've heard it so many times. Instead of focusing the negative, I want you to talk about the things that you accomplished this year. Of course there's always more you wanted to do. The day we die, there's going to be a long to-do list. It's just life. I'm asking you to focus on the things you DID get done.The goals you DID reach.
  3. Lose Your Deadlines: There are no deadlines in life. Period. If you don't get something done, you don't get it done. This is where your daily appreciation comes in. Be grateful for each day. It's a gift. If you live the life that's in front of you, you'll be happier on a daily basis. No more deadlines (or ticking clocks).

We started off with, "Was this past year as good as it could have been?" Think about all the things you want to accomplish in 2015; maybe there are things that you left on the table in 2014. Think about which of those things you need to let go and think about your new goals for the new year.

If you focus on what you left undone last year, things you need to catch up on, by the time you turn around, 2015 will be over. There are no deadlines in life. Yes, there are things that you need to do. Yes, there are things you need to get done with kids, things you need to get done at work etc. I'm talking about the major changes in life. I'm talking about things like finding love, finding a new career, repairing an old relationship, working on your marriage. Whatever it might be. 

These are the things that can't have a deadline. These are things you need to work on everyday. These are things you need to take the small steps, embrace the small wins. When I choose to look at life in a positive way, the small wins I usually would not even recognize start to appear in front of me. When I live that way, when I focus on the small wins, I'm realizing the big changes I needed to make in my life are happening as if by magic, by themselves. 

It's time to take an appreciation. You've got a little time left in 2014. Set your realistic New Year goals for 2015. Let's give thanks for all the amazing things that happened in our lives. Let's not focus on the things that didn't. Let's make 2015 the year of being positive, of being happy and focusing on our small wins. If we do, the big ones will take care of themselves.

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