How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Serious About You


Is your man #RelationshipGoals?

How do you know if the man you are currently dating is getting serious? Here are the responses women often give me:

  • He tells me that he loves me
  • We have sex all the time
  • He texts me in the morning and at night
  • He has a cute nickname for me
  • He spends money on me
  • We bought a dog together
  • We're moving in together
  • We're living together
  • We wear the same t-shirts

While all these things might not be bad, they're not enough.

A guy will say and do almost anything to keep a woman happy and having sex with him. I know guys who have actually bought the diamond ring, knowing full well that they have no intention of getting married.

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Do you want to know if he is serious? Here is the tell-tale sign: He socially announces you to the world!

There! I said it! How does he socially announce you?

  • He tells his mom and friends about you
  • He posts pictures on social media sites
  • He changes his Facebook profile to “In a Relationship”

This and only this type of action proves to you that he is serious about you. I don’t care if he hits all the other notes — he must be socially announcing you or you are just dating and could soon be toast!

Think about it, by him socially announcing you, he is taking himself off the market. He is screaming to the world:

  • “Ladies, I am taken so don’t even think about it”
  • “This is the only woman that I want to be with”
  • “I am proud to show off my girl”
  • “Guys, don’t even think about it!”
  • “Screw all the single people out there!”

Are there exceptions? Very few.

I suppose if he is a caveman, living in a burrow without any technology, family or friends I would give him a pass … but good luck with that.

There's a second tier of actions that help determine if a guy is serious, but they're second to social announcing.

He protects you. He keeps you safe in the city by being on guard in city streets at night and watching out for traffic becomes his number one job.

He practices chivalry. He opens doors for you, pulls your chair out at a restaurant and helps you with your coat.

He takes care of you. He takes a day off of work when you are sick, or helps you move to a new apartment without complaining.

These three above are good factors you can use to determine if a guy is serious or not, but they need to be included with my #1 above — He socially announces you to the world!