Science Proves Parenting Is A Matter Of The Heart

Science says both traditional and non-traditional parenting styles impact children's heart rythm.

The family landscape is changing. Technology has changed the face of society and family. Families struggle to keep up with the constant changes.

Yet, what children need from parents has not changed. In spite of the evolution of the family, parenting is still a matter of the heart.

Experts have known for years that parenting styles impact child development. Cutting edge research published by the National Institute of Health this week shows that parenting style also affects the heart!

The Vagus Nerve controls critical life functions like breathing and heart rate. The way a parent approaches conflict is scientifically proven to alter children's heart rhythm.

Children experienced changes in Vagus Nerve control of heart rhythm in response to parent-child conflict.

The heart rates of children whose parents expressed negative anger tended to be more irregular. The heart rates of children whose parents used positive conflict resolution tended to remain more stable.

This research explains why humans feel strong emotions in the chest. Stable heart rhythms are associated with better health.

Now stable heart rhythms are also associated with good parenting, which proves that parenting is a matter of the heart!

What are the implications for the modern family?

The good news is that the ability to parent is not linked to genetic, gender, or cultural factors. All parents who truly love are able to raise awesome children!

When using effective parenting strategies, traditional families and nontraditional families alike can meet the demands of child development because parenting is a matter of the heart.

Family matters! Traditional couples, alternative co-parent teams, and gay couples can all make awesome parents when they put their hearts into it! Same sex and opposite sex couples all bring a heart full of love to the family. 

Two dads can raise healthy happy children. Two moms are able to teach children about responsibility and courage.

Grandparents can raise well-adjusted grandchildren. Foster parents are able to care for children whose parents are unavailable due to illness, addiction, death, incarceration, mental illness or deployment.

Society must embrace the power of family to transform the world. All healthy, effective families have the power to raise great kids.

The landscape of family may be evolving with the times, but what children need from family has not changed. Adults with good parenting skills and a heart full of love continue to make the very best parents—no matter what their age, gender, race or creed.

After all, parenting is a matter of the heart!

Darleen Claire is a Parenting expert, Educator, and Counselor. Learn more about awesome parenting news and knowledge at ParentBlog.org