The ONE Quality Women Find Soooo Irresistible About Men

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The ONE Quality Women Find Soooo Irresistible About Men

FYI, guys...

My dear men, let me introduce you the one secret that will let you accomplish the following:

  • Become the best version of you that you've ever been.
  • Finally understand what is that women find endlessly attractive in men, no matter how old, good looking or wealthy they are.
  • Find a sense of purpose in your own life and feel fulfilled, whether you are single or in a relationship.

Does it sound too easy or too much like abracadabra?

I could entertain you here with a long list and talk about things like confidence, honesty, trust, courage, respect, kindness and integrity. All important things, of course, and we can definitely dig deep into them another time. However, I prefer to be straightforward and go to the core this time.

So what is that secret?

What women want in a man and what they rarely say in a direct way is that what they want is to be "number 2" in your life. What does that mean? High-value women will look for high-value men. However, they will often enter a relationship with a man who's not an alpha man and they will end up feeling stuck and suffocated so they will leave.

A man who's giving most of his attention, energy and time to a woman will soon make her feel like something is not right. Sometimes, she won't be able to really get what it is about, at other times she will feel bored or simply have a fuzzy sensation like, "Something is not okay here."

What isn't right?

Sure, what makes a man a masculine man, an alpha man, a high-value man are the qualities I suggested (kindness, trust, confidence, integrity, honesty, respect, courage). And yet, these aren't the number one characteristics that women are looking for. What women want in a man more than anything else is a man with a mission.

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You might have heard it already, but be our hero. This is what high-value women really want and this is the essence of it. A man with a mission is sexy and incredibly attractive. A man who's got a purpose in life will have women look at him and admire him and respect and long for him.

Men with a purpose are usually accompanied by women who believe in them more than anybody else, whatever their cause is. Status can change, one might lose all of his power and money at some point, even lose his health. And yet, a man with a mission won't lose his passion and will just find another way to pursue his goals and contribute to the world.

I'm not suggesting in any way that a man should neglect his partner. A high-value man will make his relationship a priority. However, what really drives men to be their best selves in life is having a mission. Fortunately, men don't need to go out to war anymore and conquer a new land to have women respect and love them. It's not the size of the deed that will attract women, but rather the heart and depth of the devotion to it. 

A high-value woman will be willing to have less space and time in a man's life at times without feeling left out if she knows her man's heart and purpose. Actually, she will be aware and proud of her part and contribution to it. To a woman, being number 2 means being with a man who's got a sense of mission in life and who doesn't rely on his partner to satisfy all of his needs.

Masculinity is a lot about making things happen and pursuing goals. If those goals emanate from an authentic sense of purpose, fulfillment and continuous growth follow. And this will expand into the relationship as well.

Become the most attractive man you know

If you are a man looking for a real connection, you must know this: the most effective way to have women admire, pursue and love you is to find your calling. Your purpose in this life has a lot to do with who you are. And who you are is more a creative act than a research.

So who do you decide to be? Take time to choose who you want to be and then be courageous and follow through. This will bring tons of confidence and a deep sense of fulfillment into your life. You will start walking your path and using your gifts and talents to contribute to others. Women will love it. Or better, high-value women will love it. Needy women want to be number one in their partners' lives. High-value women want to be number two.

If what you really want is to be able to attract great women and eventually create a fulfilling relationship, even if this might seem counterintuitive, make finding your purpose and mission in life your number one priority.

That said, it doesn't mean that you won't find your Ms. Right until everything in your life is perfect and set and you feel 100 percent fulfilled. Happiness is volatile, and it comes and goes all the time. Focus and determination will sustain you on your mission.

The moment you decide to go for it, you will already change your whole path and set you out for personal fulfillment and a magical relationship. Probably, this is not going to happen overnight. To be a hero takes courage and devotion. And yet, what else is more important in life than finding your calling and meaningful connection?

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