Flu Season: When The Nurturer Needs Nurturing

sick young woman tissue
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Six tips for when the caretaker in the relationship needs to be cared for.

Cold and flu season is upon us. If you're feeling feverish, and you're accustomed to taking care of everyone else's needs before attending to your own, you might feel uncomfortable asking for help. So, here's a crash course in teaching your partner to step up to the plate!

1. Be specific about your needs. Don't assume he will know what to get or what to do. Be specific about your medications, food/beverage requirements, level of quietness required, doctor's orders and anything else he might need to know.

2. Don't make your partner feel like he is inadequate for the job! Your partner might think he can't cook,  understand the family timetable or know what to say to the other moms in the Saturday playgroup. Taking care of yourself means you create a supportive environment in good times and bad. Show your man you think he is brilliant at being flexible.

3. Let go of perfectionism for a little while. The laundry, the errands, the dishes and just about everything else will pile up while you're out of commission. Trying to micromanage will slow down your recovery and make you feel miserable with feeble efforts, not to mention possibly spreading your illness to everyone else in the house. Keep reading ...

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