The Cooking Quiz That Tells You How Compatible You Are

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Cooking Quiz

Want to find out if you are with your true love? This quiz takes you into the kitchen to find out.

What does the word "compatible" mean to you?

To me, being compatible means you go together. Completely. As they say, like a wink and a smile. Or as I, your Cooking Therapist would say, like peanut butter and jelly or lemon cake and lavender icing.

There are definite food pairings that go better together, just like people. And I know all of us have experienced good relationships where we are more compatible than others. What makes two people more fit than others?

There are 6 core values that I believe make you a good fit for one another and this article is going to outline what those are and also give you my very own cooking compatibility quiz that I use in my kitchen to help couples.

Just like food parings two people must share flavors, textures, and properties. Think about your relationship for a moment, can you honestly say you are the peanut butter to their jelly? This is definitely something you should think about.  

Whether you have found true love or you are still looking, my cooking compatibility test can help you find out if you are with the right one

In my sessions with couples, compatibility is the most wondered about but unasked question they have. I always see two people, wide-eyed in love, but each holds a sense of worry inside that nags at them, "Are they really the one for me? Are we compatible enough to last?"

Since no one is brave enough to ask this question, I always bring it up, anyway. I force them to talk about it. I want to put their unease to rest before any big commitments and offer them a sense of peace that they have found their mate. But, also, this is good information to have just in case they are not compatible. 

As with everything, I use my cooking lens. I see how well they cook together and interact with one another while making a recipe. Cooking together is an excellent predictor of how good a match the couple is.

Over the years of watching couples cook together, I finally came up with this Cooking Compatibly Quiz to help couples find their true love for once and for all.  What I love about this quiz is that it is easy to do and it's fun, interactive, and provides fantastic, valid, and reliable results. 

I want you to take the quiz today, regardless if you are a newly wed or only dating. Just do it! This Compatibility Quiz is something I feel you must take before you can find true love. 

Go into the kitchen with your partner. Take out two large onions, two cutting boards, and two knives. You also need one piece of paper and two pens. Remember that taking this quiz gets the conversation started. Don't panic if you find you are not as compatible as you may have originally thought.

Armed with this new information, you can start talking about where you differ and seek out solutions to find common ground. Not in a relationship? Even better. Use this quiz to discover what characteristics you are looking for in a mate, and you'll find your true love in no time! 

Step 1: Each of you place an onion on your cutting board and start peeling the onion without using your knife.

Time yourself. Do this for 5 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes, stop and look at each other's onions.

How much did you peel? Who peeled more? Did you find yourself getting frustrated? Did you get any peel off or did it not come off easy? How did your partner handle this task?

On the paper, I want you each to write down how this process went for you. Write down your feelings and thoughts about this task. Each read your responses.

This step shows you your ability to tackle problems. You'll discover if you both tackle similar problems the same way or if you differ in your critical thinking skills. Similar problem solving is the first key to being compatible as a couple. 

Step 2: Take your peeled onions and slice it in half.

Then take half of the onion and slice into thin slices. With each slice say out loud one important value you hold at highest regard in a relationship. Use words like, trust, lying, honesty, fidelity, kindness, and respect, etc.

Take turns each slicing and listening to each other's words. Once you both have completed this step, write down your responses to step 2 on your paper. This step shows if you each share similar values and morals, another key to your compatibility. 

Step 3: During this step, I want you to stop slicing the onions and look directly at each other and have an open conversation about family plans and involvement.

While talking each put your slices of onions in a large bowl. Do you both value family? This means your family unit, extended family, family of origin, the whole group.

Talk about what family means and what to you the expectations are within your family. Holidays? Family Dinner? Talk about it. If it is important to you, you need to let them know. Sharing similar family values and expectations is another crucial piece to your compatibility and relationship success.  

Step 4: Now, during this step, one person will close their eyes and allow their partner to help them chop up their remaining half of the onion.

Be safe here! You must trust your partner to allow you to chop only the onion, and not your fingers! (Note to the person not chopping, place your hands over the other person's to make sure that only onion is being chopped.) 

During this step, the person who has their eyes closed will mention three new hobbies that they would like to do as a couple. Once you have done this, switch and the other person will do the same.

Do you share any new interests? Do your partner's interests seem like something fun you would want to try? This brave step of my cooking compatibility quiz reveals new shared interests and a way to evaluate your temperaments.

How did your partner react to trusting you by having their eyes closed? Did they react the same as you? Having similar interests and temperaments are also very important compatibility indicators. 

And there you have it. That is my Cooking Compatibility Quiz for Couples in 4 easy steps. What are you waiting for? I want you to plan to do this right now as a couple. You have nothing to loose. And what do you have to gain? Only the love of your life. I'd say that is worth chopping up two onions, wouldn't you? 

Allison Carver is a licensed therapist and chef. Head on over to her website and check out all that she offers! Live in Virginia? Sign up for a class. Don’t live in Virginia, sign up for her newsletter and read her blog for easy do it yourself recipes that solve a number of problems.