14 Reasons Men Should Not Get Married

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If you identify or think you may identify with even one of these, don’t get married and don’t get in

This article is a continuation of my previous article on Men Redefining Commitment for Themselves.

There are many factual reasons why men should not commit or could commit to a long-term relationship or marriage when considering that man’s goals.

Men should not commit to a long-term commitments which will become marriage or some other form of a legal relationship if…

You want to guarantee that someone can’t take half of what you’ve worked for for any reason of their choosing.

You are not sure if you want kids

You want to have sex with multiple people still

You don’t have the ability to critically think for yourself

You have no conscious or unconscious desire to be responsible or accountable for what you do

You have not gone through the inner work of becoming an Ethical Monster

You don’t have enough of an ability to keep your frame and stand up for your desires, goals, pursuits of happiness and values.

You are vagina hungry and will destructively do anything for the “reward” of vagina.

You are getting into the relationship or marriage for the gratification of your own emotional needs instead of enhancing your own and their own life.

You are doing it for “the kids”.

You are doing it because others want you to.

You do not have the ability to constantly be evolving and working on yourself as new desires, goals, pursuits of happiness and values evolve from your ever-changing personality.

You do not have enough of an ability to discriminate between a woman who’s desires, goals, pursuits of happiness and values match yours well enough that you will mutually, naturally, and with work, fit into your frame and be constructive for both of you or a woman who wants to “fix you” or “work on you” to make you into the play doll she wants you to be which reflects her desire to make you just another play doll she had grown up playing and manipulating.

If you identify or think you may identify with even one of these, don’t get married and don’t get into a long-term relationship that risks becoming a legal relationship. You’d just be willingly investing in your own destruction as a man. You're no use to anyone if you're of no use to yourself.

Let's figure out 14 Reasons Men Could Get Married.

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This article was originally published at adamayala.org. Reprinted with permission from the author.