Relationship In Crisis? How To Stay Hopeful In Desperate Times


Even if only one partner has hope, it's still possible to save the relationship.

Is your relationship in crisis? Has your partner said that the two of you have no future?

If so, don't throw in the towel quite yet. Every relationship goes through rough spots. Some relationships are even strengthened by these times.  

Here's how to keep hope alive even when your relationship is in trouble.

First of all, you should know that if even one partner has hope for the relationship, the relationship in crisis is salvageable.

Many frustrated partners have been known to reconsider their impulse to leave. Remember that he or she also has much invested in the relationship and will have second thoughts about leaving.

Next, realize that when a marriage is in crisis, people say extreme things. Don't take these comments personally. 

In some cases, your partner will feel guilty about wanting to break up or asking for a divorce. When this happens, he or she may cover up their feelings of guilt by acting out in an angry manner. 

If you take that anger personally, you are further harming a relationship in crisis.

How you react to the situation will have a profound impact on how you resolve the relationship in crisis.

Don't badger a partner who asks for more emotional space. Use this space to sort out your own emotions.  

In other words, back off, regroup, and prepare for the tough work ahead. Whatever you do, don't give in to anxiety and demand immediate answers to difficult questions. 

Also, lower your expectations of your partner during this time. Sometimes, in a broken relationship, a person becomes more critical of his or her partner. 

If the housework isn't perfect or someone gets home late from work, it's not the end of the world. There are bigger issues to address right now.

You should allow yourself your own emotions as well. Don't rush into decisions. Find some things which help to ground you. 

For instance, make sure that you work out regularly to keep your body balanced. Read, undertake individual coaching or therapy, or attend church to keep your mind and spirit in shape.

It is also a good time to expand your interests and activities. Many people who have a relationship in crisis focus on their relationship like a laser beam. 

As you start enjoying your own life more, your partner will become more interested in you.

Choose to remain positive. You can't control what your partner does, but you can control your reactions to him or her. 

When a relationship is in trouble, many people become insecure and depressed. These reactions only cause more damage to a relationship that is already in crisis. Trust your ability to find a creative solution to your relationship difficulties.

Finally, you need to know that whatever the outcome, you did your best to resolve the issues at hand.

Instead of playing the odds about whether the relationship will survive, be helpful and loving to your partner. That is how you rescue a relationship in crisis.