10 Ways To Attract True Love & Find Your Twin Flame

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Relationship Advice On How To Find True Love By Attracting Your Twin Flame & Soulmate

Stop waiting.

Have you been putting off looking for your twin flame?

Maybe you have a big project that needs your full attention. Or you have other goals that you feel come first — like weight loss, getting a promotion or buying a new condo — before you can focus on how to find true love and seeking out your soulmate relationship.

These life goals are important and achieving them requires your dedication and focus. But do your ambitions and other objectives need to overshadow and block out attention to your love life?

Nope, not really. There’s no reason why you can't have it all!

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There are plenty of steps you can take on the path to finding true love that build momentum and add up over time. Small steps matter! Sometimes, even squeezing in 10 minutes of your attention to attracting your twin flame can deliver results.

Not only that but, taking small periods of time away from your priority projects by doing something social helps you stay fresh. Socializing gives your brain a rest and is known to lead to higher levels of productivity once back to work.

That's why keeping your nose to the grindstone is not your best strategy for success when it comes to love and dating. Mix things up by focusing on finding "the one" — a little mingling and manifesting can go a long way to connecting with your twin flame and learning how to find the true love you long for.

Here are 10 pieces of relationship advice that will help you attract true love, so you can find your twin flame at last.

1. Clear the past

If you want to manifest your twin flame, the first step is to dump your baggage. It's difficult to create something new with your past hanging around and crowding your life. There are lots of ways to clear your love history including smudging with a sage stick which is a Native American tradition. You can also burn Palo Santo wood, sprinkle salt water around a room or use a pendulum.

Other methods include prayer and asking a higher source for help in letting go of the past. To be free an old boyfriend and get him out of your heart and mind, give his stuff away, sell it or throw it in the garbage. Be done with him by eliminating these reminders from your life.

Energy healing is another way to heal old wounds, disappointments, and anger. Whether you choose Reiki, massage, or any other type of healing work, you cannot go wrong by taking this step to release and clear out old energy from your body and auric field.

2. Clarify your ideal mate

Do you know what you want in a partner or do you think you'll just know him when you meet him? If you rely on the latter method, you are leaving too much to chance. Getting clear about the right man for you is a smart strategy for finding a suitable partner.

Yes, take time to make a comprehensive list. Put it down on paper so you have total clarity about the man you are seeking. Then narrow the list to your five "must haves." While you might not get everything on your list, this is the way to be sure he at least has the most important qualities.

In fact, if you meet a great guy who doesn't have your five "must haves," that's your signal he's not your man. Make a pact with yourself so you don't go astray and end up with the wrong man. The right man for you must meet your basic requirements to find a compatible guy.

3. Visualize love

Now that you have cleared the past and know the kind of man you want, you’re ready to visualize this love. Think about the kind of relationship you want — fun and easy, exciting or calm, or affectionate and sexy. Whatever you want as a loving couple, take time daily to see it as if it is real in your mind's eye.

Olympic teams have used visualization to win gold medals, so you know this works. Invest the time, even if it’s just 5 minutes a day to feel the reality of the love you seek and the happiness that accompanies it. This is incredibly influential for helping you attract the love you want.

4. Know you are fabulous

On a scale of 1 to 10, how good do you feel about yourself? Do you feel fabulous? If not, then girlfriend, you’ve got some work to do!

A strong sense of self-esteem and confidence are vital to finding a quality man. You need to be the kind of woman he will notice and gravitate towards. That usually means being self-assured and knowing you are a great catch.

Here are two ideas to get you started. First, choose one thing you like about yourself and appreciate that every morning when you brush your teeth. Look at your beautiful eyes, slim waistline or gorgeous hair and be grateful for those stunning features.

Second, choose something you want to improve and work on that. Do you feel like men don't notice you? Buy some new clothes and get a new hairstyle. Practice walking with some sashay, holding your head high with your shoulders back and a straight spine. Or read the news so you learn interesting facts and can talk about current events. Whatever it is for you, get to it.

5. Treat yourself like royalty

If you want to be well treated, then start with how you treat yourself. Get a massage, update your hairstyle, or regular facials to take care of your skin. Drink plenty of water, get enough rest and apply hydrating cream to your skin to keep it soft. Exercise or workout with a trainer and have new experiences so you have something new to talk about.

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Make sure your wardrobe reflects how fabulous you are and your feminine allure. You need at least two outfits that are your "go-to" wardrobe for dating. These are clothes you put on whenever you want to look your absolute best, so you won't have to struggle over what to wear. And be sure to own a few stunning accessories that define your style.

6. Socialize weekly

As mentioned earlier, socializing is good for relaxation and bringing fun into your life. But it’s also necessary to meet men and find love! If you make it a rule to do something weekly to socialize with men, you will be on your way to meeting plenty of prospects and hopefully finding "The One".

In addition, the more you mingle, the better you'll get at starting a conversation or ending one to move on. Practice builds your dating and social skills, so don't miss out on opportunities to get out there.

7. Get fixed up

Most experts agree the average person knows about 250 people including family, friends, and colleagues, etc. Up to 30% of couples meet through other people. So, ask people in your network if they know any good single guys looking for lasting love and the real thing.

Someone might not come to mind right away but you’ll get them thinking about you and who they know. Let your social circle work for you to find blind dates. That's how I met my husband! Fixups work.

8. Write your twin flame a letter

Buy yourself an anniversary card and write a heartfelt letter to your future love. Your twin flame is out there looking for you, but until you meet, create that incredible feeling right now and enjoy it. The more real you make it the better it is for manifesting the love you want. Get into the right mindset to send out good vibes and manifest your dream man.

9. Enjoy life today

One of the most powerful tactics there is for finding the love of your life is to enjoy the life you have now. When you have fun, try new things, learn a new skill, and make the most of what is available to you, you enrich your life. That brings you joy and allows your light to shine brightly, which will draw your twin flame into you like a lighthouse beacon.

You are never more attractive than when you are living life to the fullest and feeling happy.

10. Focus on gratitude

Another practice that amps up your attraction is feeling grateful for all you are and have accomplished. Your gratitude also lights up your spirit and gives you a feeling of contentment that is magnetic to say the least. That attitude of gratitude draws people and situations to you like a moth to a flame.

Try either of these methods or come up with your own. Write in a journal or give thanks every evening. Don't just note the big events either. Often the little things bring the greatest joy such as sunshine, birds or a walk in the woods.

Other options might include a call from a friend, a laugh with a colleague or great episode of the Big Bang Theory. Whatever works for you is all that matters. A grateful heart means you are happy with life and easy to be with.

Ready to attract your twin flame? Which of these 10 ways will you try? Your kindred spirit and future love is on the way and these tactics speed up the manifesting process to help connect you with the love you've been dreaming of and deserve.

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