When Is The Next New And Full Moon? How The Lunar Calendar Affects Your Love Horoscopes & Relationships

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When Is The Next New And Full Moon? How The Lunar Calendar Affects All Zodiac Signs Love Horoscopes & Relationships
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Whether the night sky is currently lit by a brightly romantic Full Moon or a darkly quiet New Moon, astrology holds that each phase of the lunar cycle, as well as each month's particular Full and New Moons, have their own specific ways they affect us when it comes to dating, love and relationships.

When is the next New Moon and Full Moon in 2020?

The Full Snow Moon in Leo arrives on February 9, and the New Moon in Pisces follows on February 23.

For those who follow the guidance of their zodiac signs, it's helpful to keep a monthly Moon calendar on hand so you don't have to constantly wonder when the next Full or New Moon will be.

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After all, the powerful energies of New and Full Moons have an effect on most aspects of our world, including our love lives and closest relationships.

Gardeners know the Moon makes the flowers bloom, fishermen are well 'schooled' in its effect on their catches, and hospital delivery rooms have been known to gear up for a baby boom when the Moon is at its fullest!

It’s no secret that the Moon has a powerful influence on our outer world in so many ways. And as many sensitive souls will tell you, it also can deeply affect your inner world as well.

I happen to be a sensitive souled "Moon baby" born under the sign of Cancer, which in astrology is ruled by the Moon, but I promise, it’s not just us Cancers who feel Her gentle (and sometimes not so gentle!) pull.

Consider the powerful effect the Moon has on the tides. So is it any wonder that, given the fact that our bodies are made of mostly water, we humans are inexorably tied to the Moon's rhythms and energy, as well?

This is why New and Full Moons can be wonderful opportunities to focus, reflect and create new meaning in our lives and relationships.

To understand the effects each New and Full Moon has on your love life, you must start by recognizing the differences between New Moon and Full Moon energy.

  • New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are at their closest point in the sky, and Earth is sandwiched between them. This placement of Earth blocks the sun's rays from reaching the Moon, making the Moon seemingly disappear from the sky. A New Moon signals growth and new beginnings.
  • Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in the sky, and the Moon is reflecting all of the sun's light. During a Full Moon, you're likely to give birth to plans made and projects started since the New Moon, nurturing them to fulfillment and realization. The Full Moon is our time of greatest vitality and creativity.

How does the lunar energy of New and Full Moons affect your love life and relationships?

Both the Full and New Moon can affect your love life, but they do so in very different ways.

The Full Moon's influence on our love lives is powerful and astonishing. It amplifies your love and makes every interaction with your partner feel more romantic and magical.

The New Moon's influence is more subtle. During this dark time of the lunar cycle, it's natural for you to draw inward and focus on creating a new beginning. This is the time we plant the seeds for ideas, plans and actions that we want to grow over the coming weeks, as the Moon slowly becomes more full.

Using the Moon's cycle to your advantage can help you nourish an existing love or get the timing right when pursuing a new love.

How can all zodiac signs use New and Full Moon energy to improve their love life throughout 2020?

Depending on your love life status or relationship goals, pick a "theme" to focus on during each lunar cycle in order to help you focus yourself on achieving one goal per New Moon.

You can use the examples below or come up with your own themes that resonate more personally with where you are on your relationship journey.

Complete New and Full Moon Calendar for January - December 2020

January 2020: Setting healthy boundaries

  • Full Wolf Moon in Cancer with penumbral lunar eclipse on January 10
  • New Moon in Aquarius on January 24​

February 2020: Maintaining our individuality​

  • Full Snow Moon in Leo on February 9
  • New Moon in Pisces on February 23

March 2020: Dreaming the future

  • Super Full Worm Moon in Virgo on March 9
  • Micro New Moon in Aries on March 24

April 2020: Igniting Passion​

  • Super Full Pink Moon in Libra on April 7
  • New Moon in Taurus on April 22

May 2020: Honoring our bodies​

  • Full Flower Moon in Scorpio on May 7
  • New Moon in Gemini on May 22

June 2020: Creative communication​

  • Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius with penumbral lunar eclipse on June 5
  • New Moon in Cancer with annular solar eclipse on June 20

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July 2020: Creating supportive environments​

  • Full Buck Moon in Capricorn with penumbral lunar eclipse on July 4
  • New Moon in Cancer on July 20

August 2020: Remembering to play together

  • Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius on August 3
  • Black New Moon in Leo on August 18

September 2020: Practicing extreme self-care​

  • Full Corn Moon in on September 1
  • New Moon in on September 17

October 2020: The Yin/Yang dance of relationships​

  • Micro Full Harvest Hunter's Moon in Aries on October 1
  • Super New Moon in Libra on October 16
  • Micro Full Blue Moon in Taurus on October 31

November 2020: Accessing your personal power​

  • Super New Moon in Scorpio with penumbral lunar eclipse on November 14
  • Full Beaver Moon in Gemini on November 30

December 2020: Love rituals to launch the new year​

  • New moon in Sagittarius with total solar eclipse on December 14
  • Full Cold Moon in Cancer on December 29

Use the powerful influence of the Moon to re-balance your life and relationships, re-energize your mind, body, and spirit, and reconnect with the healing cycles of nature.

If you embrace the ebb and flow of the Moon’s light as a metaphor for your own life cycles — from letting go, to seeking stillness, to visioning, and eventually to full manifesting — you’ll be engaged in a lifelong workshop of personal growth and self-discovery.

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