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The Kardashians Are Hiring — 5 Job Postings That Reveal The Reality Of Working For Their Team

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As some of the most successful businesswomen in the world, the Kardashians are juggling many companies and a lot of staff members.

Kylie Cosmetics, 818 Spirits, KKW Beauty, Jenner Communications, SKIMS, and Good American are just some of the many massively successful brands crafted by members of the infamous family. 

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Under every successful business are thousands of loyal employees and the Kardashians are no strangers to bringing on helping hands.

However, at times those employees have turned against them and revealed some pretty horrendous working conditions in Kylie Jenner's factories and in Kim Kardashian's own home — to name but a few bad stories.

Here are 5 job postings and employee reviews that highlight the reality of working for a Kardashian. 

1. Office Admin Internship — Jenner Communications 

Unpaid and for college credit, this internship’s tasks range from managing “incoming and outgoing mail/packages, running errands, and organizing”. 

The job posting highlights that they’re searching for a student that has a flexible schedule, “their own source of transportation”, and a “great attitude” in a fast-paced environment. 

But, could running errands and organizing someone’s belongings really be considered as “educational value” for a student internship?

Kris Jenner runs a tight ship, as has been seen in her many reality TV shows but her communications company has faced backlash for how they treat their staff.

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“Stay far, far away” is the top Glassdoor review for internships at Jenner Communications. 

“The people working there are incredibly mean and don’t take time to answer questions. No one cares about you or cares to properly train you … Doesn’t even qualify as an internship. Immoral people. Immoral business practices.” 

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2. Market Manager — 818 Spirits 

818 Spirits, Kendall Jenner’s new tequila and spirits company, has had a huge rise to fame despite early controversy over her alleged exploitation of Mexican culture

Being that this is one of Jenner’s first entrepreneurial business ventures, how does that compare with her mother’s ex-employees and their experiences? 

One of their only recent job postings searches for someone with “high credibility, relationships, and ability” in the industry – someone well-versed in marketing, spirits, and sales (fair enough). 

Including a “competitive salary and bonus” along with “generous PTO, comprehensive benefits, and a flexible work environment,” I think it’s fair to say this position is a generous upgrade from the previous one. 

As a fresh position in a newer company, Glassdoor reviews are fairly limited — only time will tell. 

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3. Project Manager — Kylie Cosmetics 

Kylie has built nothing short of an empire over the past (almost) decade; she’s rapidly grown and evolved along with the trends of the cosmetics industry. 

But, it’s not all lip kits and shimmer — Kylie has had multiple controversies of her own at work due to fans worrying the truth behind her ‘revolutionary’ products. Kylie Cosmetics has often been the talk of the (beauty) town. 

This new project manager position, led by the company that owns a majority stake in the cosmetic empire, Coty, requires a highly skilled individual to “deliver outstanding, breakthrough project results”. 

Aiming to draw in applicants, the job posting declares, “You’ll get to work in a diverse environment with a team of professionals who are passionate about the work they do and know how to have some fun along the way.” 

Although Glassdoor reviews have other opinions — one employee says they're “overworked, [with] severe burnout… they make millions, but pay the employees nothing”. 

Another review complains of “poor communication” with outside positions, “you have to continuously follow up to get paid."

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4. Email Marketing Manager — Jenner Communications

This position from Jenner Communications is paid — a full-time position previously open for an experienced applicant in the beauty industry. 

With an extensive list of “duties and responsibilities,” the employee will be sure to work in many different specialties including “research, testings, strategy and sales, marketing, administration, and e-commerce”. 

Of course, as the posting entails, “additional responsibilities will arise.” Previous employee reviews would support that assumption. 

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5. Influencer Manager — Good American 

Khloé Kardashian's founded her inclusive fashion brand with business executive Emma Grede in 2016 — only two short years after her sister Kylie’s massive cosmetic success. 

Unlike many other Kardashian business endeavors, Good American has received relatively no harsh criticisms or controversies — outside of critics of revealing clothing and embracing sexuality. 

This open position is seeking a candidate to work on the companies influencer marketing team.

Good American wants candidates who are "highly organized and have excellent time management and execution skills, while remaining flexible and open to new ways of working."

Regardless of the controversy, bad reviews, or suspicious job postings — the line for entry into the ever-exclusive Kardashian enterprise is far from shortening.

In fact, it’s likely it’s already made its way past the Calabasas city limits.

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