About Zayda Slabbekoorn

Zayda Slabbekoorn is a News & Entertainment Staff Writer primarily focused on pitching articles and writing pieces within the human interest, social advocacy, and pop culture realms. Prior to becoming a Staff Writer, Zayda worked as a YourTango intern for several years — both writing & assisting with technology management and website development. 

Zayda has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Relations & Policy and Gender Studies with 4+ years experience in social media, content creation, editorial writing, project coordination, and software management. Her passion for social media and pop cullture greatly influences her writing — alongside human interest, social advocacy, and gender identity topics. 

Zayda curiously researches many complex social issues, using her background to align social media and pop culture with social dilemmas of the modern age. 

When she's not writing or assisting the technology team, Zayda spends time in nature with her dog, cooking new recipes, listening to Sufjan Stevens, or visiting family. 

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