15 Celebrities With Fiercely Loyal Fan Groups

Once a fan, always a fan.

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Celebrities build their music or acting careers and hope to gain a fan base as their career advances. They work hard to gain followers and admirers who appreciate their work.

While it’s quite hard to find fans, it is easy to lose them, so celebrities with fiercely loyal fan groups are quite lucky.

Celebrities adopt various ways to gain fans and make themselves more popular. Interacting with fans and creating content on social media is one of the most important things for a celebrity. It is also the fastest way to become popular as content can reach people all over the world.


When celebrities share pictures and videos about themselves, it makes the fans feel like they are a part of their lives.  

Fans also show their support by buying the products and services launched by celebrities, which include celeb merchandise, concerts, fan shows, or buying their music. As celebrities do a lot to gain a following, devoted fans also go up and beyond for the celebrities they admire to show their loyalty.      

Here are fiercely loyal fan groups who have done a lot for their celebrities.

1. Beyonce's Beyhive

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Beyonce’s fans who refer to themselves as ‘Beyhives’ are immensely loyal and aren’t afraid to defend their dear celebrity. One instance includes the controversy of Beyonce’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds in 2017.

Beyhives took it to Twitter to mention how the figure looked nothing like Beyonce. It became so big that the museum had to step in and comment on the issue. 

Another instance includes the time when Jay-Z and Beyonce were on a date night at the NBA finals in 2019. They were also joined by Nicole Curran, whose husband is the owner of The Warriors. At one point in the evening, Curran started chatting with Jay-Z which resulted in her leaning over Beyonce.

The smile on Beyonce’s face turned to a glare. As these photos were released, Beyhives once again went on to Twitter to defend their queen. Curran received much hate and had to comment on the issue. 


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2. Taylor Swift's 'Swifties'

taylor swift celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Tinseltown/ Shutterstock

Being one of the most popular celebrities globally, Swift has one of the most loyal fans, also known as ‘Swifties’. Not too long ago, Taylor Swift released her album “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)" and it debuted at Billboard 200. Her most recent album “Red (Taylor’s Version)” also broke several records.


Swifties couldn’t resist but show their support for the artist by buying her music online and in stores. However, this time the support from Swifties is different, as Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s version) are Swift’s re-recorded albums.

Swift has released these albums previously but is re-recording her previous albums due to the rights of her old music being sold. The music on the album is heard and streamed by fans previously, but they aren’t shy nor hesitant to spend money on it again for the sake of their love for Swift.

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BTS celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock


The Korean boy band has easily become one of the most popular bands worldwide. With their popularity on the rise, they have a highly loyal fan group, known as ‘ARMY’ (Adorable Representative MC for Youth). ARMYs are quite dedicated to the band and aren’t afraid to defend or protect the boys.

Recently, BTS performed at the United Nations Assembly and James Corden said a few things about them on his show which upset ARMYs. He referred to BTS as “unusual visitors” and ARMYs as “15-year-olds girls”. Corden received a lot of hate and death threats from ARMYs through social media.

ARMYs are one of the most diverse fan groups, so they were upset at Corden for generalizing them that way. The ratings for his show drastically reduced after that. However, Corden apologized to ARMYs when BTS made an appearance on his show after that.

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4. Justin Bieber's 'Beliebers'

Justin Bieber celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Getty

Through the roller coaster of Bieber’s popularity and career, he has gained himself loyal fans or ‘Beliebers’ who have stuck with him till now. Ever since the start of Bieber’s career, he has been through a lot from facing lawsuits to receiving hate due to his actions at his lowest point.

It just proves that the fans he still has are immensely loyal and won’t leave his side any time soon. Beliebers have also shared wonderful things about Bieber and how his music connects to them on a personal level.


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5. Jonas Brothers' 'Jonatics'

JOnas Brothers celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock

The Jonas Brothers have been popular ever since their show ‘Jonas’ aired on the Disney channel. But then fans were devastated to know they were splitting in 2013. After a lengthy hiatus, fans once again rejoiced when the band got back together in 2021.


Fans referred to themselves as ‘Jonatics’ but don’t seem to have a name now. Fans have stayed with them through their long break when there was no assurance that they would get back together. If that doesn’t prove their loyalty, I don’t know what will.

Even The Jonas brothers have done a lot for their fans. Just when their movie "Happiness Begins" was released, they zoom-bombed numerous fans to surprise their fans. Even the pandemic didn't stop them.

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6. Lady Gaga's 'Little Monsters'

Lady Gaga celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Matteo Chinellato/ Shutterstock


Lady Gaga refers to her fans as ‘Little Monsters’. She started calling them that in 2009 when she started her career and was the first western artist to give her entire fan group a name. Fans enjoyed being recognized as something and supported her. Fans have shown support towards her throughout the years.

One way the Little Monsters and Lady Gaga connect is through the LGBTQ community. Gaga has been an immense supporter of the LGBTQ community, so her fans follow in her footsteps and support the community as well.

Little Monsters have also created a universal symbol to distinguish themselves. The symbol is a claw which was seen in Gaga’s music video ‘Bad Romance’.

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7. Katy Perry's 'KatyCats'

Kat Perry celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock

Perry’s fans are known as ‘KatyCats’ because of Perry's fascination with the animal. Her fans have been dedicated to Perry since she debuted in 2008. 

Perry has even received a Guinness record because of her huge fan base for having the most followers on Twitter. KatyCats are also known to spend 50% more money on Perry’s concerts and merchandise compared to an average fan spending money on their favorite pop star. 


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8. Ariana Grande's 'Arianators'

Ariana Grande celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Lev Radin/ Shutterstock

Grande has been popular among the youth due to her early work on Nickelodeon and gained a huge fan following also known as ‘Arianators’. 

Arianators are immensely loyal and their loyalty is seen in many instances. When Grande was in London in 2013 to promote her album, there were numerous fans outside her hotel hoping to see her.


However, they showed respect to the artist without creating any ruckus. They didn’t talk to the press and were patiently waiting for Grande. 

Another instance would be when Grande was going through a hard time during the Manchester concert. Arianators flooded social media with selfies and videos from the concert giving assurance to Grande that they were happy and safe.   

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9. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)'s wrestling fans

Dwayne The Rock Johnson celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Cubankite/ Shutterstock


Dwayne or known as “The Rock” from his wrestling days. Now, his movie career is taking off, fans have been by his side since Johnson started as a wrestler in the 90s. The relationship between Johnson and his fans seems to be everlasting and special.

During the Black Lives Matter movement, Johnson took it to Twitter to take a stand and convey a powerful message in support of it. Many fans tweeted in support of him and praised him.

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10. The Kardashians/Jenners 

Kardashians Jenners celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Tinseltown/ Shutterstock


Fans have been watching the Kardashians on TV since 2007, so they feel like they have grown up with them too. After seeing their lives for so long, fans feel close to them and are dedicated to them.

Fans sell-out beauty products launched by Kylie Jenner in a matter of minutes despite being expensive. There have also been people who have inked their bodies to show their admiration for the celebrities and some lucky ones have been retweeted by Kim on Twitter.   

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11. Luke Bryan's 'Nut House'

Luke Bryan celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock


Being a big name in Country music, Bryan has some of the craziest and most loyal fans. He calls his fan club “The Nut House”. Fans are willing to pay more to go to his concerts than average fans pay in country music.

Even at his concerts, fans throw numerous things on stage, from flowers to phones. Of course, they mean no harm and Bryan also had some fun and played along with the fans. 

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12. Shaquille O’Neal (DJ Diesel)

Shaquille ONeal celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Jaguar PS/ Shutterstock


Apart from being a basketball champion, O’Neal is an actor, businessman, and musician where he goes by the name, DJ Diesel. While fans love his sportsmanship, he has gained numerous fans through his DJing. Fans admire his ability to excel in several fields and support him wherever possible.

O’Neal also appreciates his fans and tries to support them. Recently, O’Neal helped a fan by paying for his engagement ring. When asked by the fan how much he owes him, O’Neal refused to take anything from him, saying he was happy to help out a fan, “I’m just trying to make people smile, that’s all.” 

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13. Harry Styles' 'Stylers'

Harry Styles celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Lev Radin/Shutterstock


The former member of One Direction, Harry Styles seems to be thriving as a solo artist. His fans or ‘Stylers’ love his music and sell out his concerts. Apart from his music, he is one of the most fashionable celebrities. Stylers always admire his unique and gender-neutral fashion style.

Fans also like to follow in his footsteps and explore their clothing senses. Harry Styles had a concert on Halloween and asked his fans to dress up for Halloween and the Stylers agreed. Many fans showed up in fancy and gender-neutral clothing. 

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14. Adele's 'Daydreamers'

Adele celebs with loyal fansPhoto: Tinseltown/Shutterstock


Adele quite easily wins people’s hearts with her powerful voice and heartbreaking music that can send anyone to tears. Her fans have supported her from the beginning of her career and praised her for her achievements. Her fans are known as ‘Daydreamers’ as ‘Daydreamer’ was Adele’s first song on her debut album. 

In 2017, Adele had to cancel some of her concerts after being unable to sing due to medical issues. After hearing the heartbreaking news, Daydreamers started a campaign online called #SingForAdele.

The social media post asked all fans to gather at the scheduled stadium for the concert and sing for her. Numerous fans showed up at the stadium and sang her songs to support Adele.

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15. Rihanna's 'Navy'

Rihanna celebs with loyal fansPhoto: DFree/ Shutterstock

Rihanna’s fans or ‘Rihanna Navy’ which has been shortened to ‘Navy’ have been supporting the artist in her music and film career. Fans immensely love Rihanna, not just because of her unique music but also because of who she is.

Fans claim that Rihanna’s uniqueness is what makes her special. One fan says, "She's not trying to be anybody's role model". Fans admire her ability to be herself at all times and not care about anyone else


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