Joe Jonas Fires Back At Taylor Swift With A Song

Swift isn't the only one who can crow about the breakup.

Joe Jonas

For a man wearing a purity ring, Joe Jonas certainly generates the attention.

After his mom tells the world he and his brothers, "have desires" and are not "above or beyond being seduced," Star magazine goes and runs a piece on Joe's war of words with former girlfriend Taylor Swift. Jonas Brothers' Mom Discusses Their Sex Lives

According to the magazine, on the Jonas Brothers' upcoming album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, one track is dedicated to the country singer. While the group denied the single "Paranoid" was about Swift, no such denials are coming about the track, "Much Better." The song even includes a reference to Swift's song, "Teardrops on My Guitar."


The song has Joe singing:

I get a rep for breakin' hearts
Now I'm done with superstars
And all the tears on her guitar
I'm not bitter

But now I see
Everything I'd ever need
Is the girl in front of me
She's much better

Ouch! Now, far be it for us to take sides in this breakup, but really, is it necessary to not only dis the ex, but also praise the new girl (actress Camilla Belle) in the same song? And, if you need to write how you're not bitter in a song, are you really not bitter? How Men Deal With Breakups


But, getting back to the other woman, Joe might want to be a little careful before singing her praises too loudly. Celebitchy tells us that The National Enquirer believes Belle and Twilight stud Robert Pattison are engaging in a secret romance—and have been for a while now. One of Belle's friends told the magazine, "She and Rob have been meeting up with each other for months, and she talks about him all the time."

Now, if it's true (as Nick Jonas told Rolling Stone), that all the songs on their album were written about personal experiences, Joe might have fodder for another album.