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Get ready for glam selfies, cute puppy pics, and platters of delicious food.

Are you on Snapchat?  If you're not on the app, chances are, you probably have or have heard of Snapchat, let alone who to follow.

I’ve been a Snapchat user since 2014, and honestly, I really enjoy using the app. It’s a fun way to interact with my friends, and the filters are hilariously entertaining. It's also a great app to keep track of your memories with their new year in review feature.

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Because of Snapchat's soaring popularity, more and more celebrities are using Snapchat to interact with their followers.

Who isn’t curious to see what goes on in the daily life of their favorite movie star? Snapchat’s popularity stems from our curiosity to know what’s going on in the lives of our friends and people we look up to.

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Some celebrities use Snapchat to reveal new content, dish about other celebrities, and share new information that can’t be found anywhere else.

Other celebrities use Snapchat just for the aesthetic - like taking selfies with some of the filters or showing off their adorable pets. Either way, it's fun to see what your favorite celeb is up to. 

If you want your Snapchat feed to be even more entertaining and visually pleasing, here are 50 celebrity Snapchat accounts that are worth following.

1. Jeffree Star 

Snapchat Username: Jeffreestar

This is personally MY favorite person to follow on Snapchat. Jefree is one of my biggest inspirations in the makeup community. Jeffree is an American singer-songwriter, make-up artist, fashion designer and model from Orange County, California.

He started his music career on Myspace, with over 25 million plays on his self-released music. After releasing two extended plays, Star released his debut album, Beauty Killer (2009), under Popsicle Records.

Star is especially known for his incredible makeup line consisting of liquid lipsticks, highlighters, and eyeshadow palettes and his gender-binding appearance and persona.

His Snapchat includes pictures of his adorable fluffy dogs, announcements about his makeup line, and him and his BF are relationship GOALS. 

2. Jenna Marbles

Snapchat username: Jennakermarbles

Jenna Marbles is freakin HILARIOUS. I've been watching her on Youtube for years, and her Snapchat is just as entertaining as her videos. Jenna is an American Youtube personality, vloggers, comedian, and actress.

As of June 2017, her channel has received over 2 billion views and 17 million subscribers, making it the 28th most subscribed Youtube channel and the second most popular channel operated by a woman. 

Jenna likes to include her iconic puppers, Marbles and Kermit, in her Snapchat stories. Her silly persona also shines through her Snapchats, as you can see in the image above. 

3. Khole Kardashian

Snapchat username: khloekardashian

Her snaps of her at the gym not only make me want to go back myself, but her workout attire is ADORABLE.  Khloe is an American television personality, socialite, model, businesswoman, and entrepreneur.

Since 2007, she has starred with her family in the popular reality television series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It's success has led to the creation of spin-offs including, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami and Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons

4. Millie Bobby Brown 

Snapchat username: milliebbrown

Definitely my favorite Stranger Things character. Those filters make her look 10x more adorable and sometimes you'll catch her hanging out with some of the other members of the cast.

Millie is an English actress and model. She rose to prominence for her role as Eleven in the Netflix science fiction drama series Stranger Things, for which she earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series at the young age of 13.

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5. Charlie Puth

Snapchat username: charlieputh

He's so laid back and chill. And that messy bed head is irresistible! Charlie is always updating his fans on Snapchat, especially when on the road! Make sure you're following Charlie for some behind-the-scnes footage and endless amounts of videos and pictures using those amazing filters.

Charlie is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. His debut song "See You Again," he wrote, co-produced, and performed with Wiz Khalifa for the Furious 7 soundtrack. 

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6. Ciara


Snapchat username: ciara

You'll be laughing with her (and at her). Ciara rose to fame back in 2004 after the releaste of her debut single, 'Goodies,' which went to number 1 in both the UK and USA.

You can catch her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, in her snaps! The couple is also expecting their first child together. 

7. Rebel Wilson

Snapchat username: rebelwilsonsnap

In one of her snaps, she gave fans a tour of her walk-in closet, where everything is perfectly color coded and the closet itself is the size of my bedroom.

You can expect to see behind-the-scenes footage of her being hilarious in her Snapchat. Rebel is an Australian actress, writer, and producer.

She's known for her appearance in the film Pitch Perfect. 

8. Macklemore

Snapchat username: mackandryan

He's such a family man, you can't help but love him. Macklemore is constantly posting pictures of his daughter and updating his fans with information on where he'll be on a daily basis.

Macklemore is an American rapper from Seattle, Washington. He's collaborated with producer Ryan Lewsis as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. He's known for his song 'Thrift Shop,' which debuted in 2013. 

9. Zendaya 

Snapchat username: zendaya_96

Who doesn't love those facial expressions? Hilarious! Zendaya currently stars on Disney’s K.C. Undercover. Before that, she starred on Shake It Up! 

Zendaya is also cast as Michelle, one of Peter Parker’s classmates in the newest Spider-Man reboot! Apart from acting, Zendaya models for various magazine covers, has her own shoe line named “Daya,” and is recording her own music!

Zendaya can really do it all! Following her on Snapchat is a must!

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10. Bella Thorne

Snapchat username: bellathornedab

The selfie QUEEN. Make sure you follow Bella Thorne on Snapchat for daily updates from her life. She’s pretty open with what she shares with fans, in fact, she even recently tattooed her eyebrows and documented the whole thing on Snapchat!

Bella Thorne is an American actress and singer. She's most known for her role as Cece Jones on the Diseny Channel series 'Shake It Up.'

11. Ellen DeGeneres

Snapchat username: ellen

Ellen's Snapchat is usually taken over by a famous guest or one of the members of her crew. But when she does use it, she's a really big fan of the filters. 

Ellen is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer. DeGeneres starred in the popular sitcom Ellen from 1994 to 1998 and has hosted her syndicated TV talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, since 2003

12. Jen Atkin

Snapchat username: jenatkinhair

This woman SLAYS hair. Jen frequently posts snaps with her celebrity best friends such as the Kardashians.

She offers an exclusive insight into the hottest parties and also how she’s styled her famous clients such as Kendall Jenner and Crissy Teigen.

Jen is a celebrity hairstylist, who launched her own haircaire line, OUAI, in 2016. She's what the New York Times calls, "The most influential hairstylist in the world."

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13. Bob Saget

Snapchat username: bobsterclaw

If the username AND the picture doesn't tell you already, Bob Saget is pretty hysterical. Bob is primarily known for his role as Danny Tanner in the hit sitcom Full House. Bob likes to update fans on his travels through Snapchat. 

14. Reese Witherspoon


Snapchat username: snapsbyreese

Reese is known for her role as Elle Woods, in the movie 'Legally Blonde.' All of her snaps are totally adorable. If you need a way to brighten your day, just go check out Reese's Snapstory. 

15. John Mayer

Snapchat username: johnthekangaroo

John Mayer is an American singer, songwriter, and a guitarist. His phenomenal sense of humor can be found on his Snapchat, an app the celebrity has become very fond of.

Spend a week watching John's Snapstory and you'll be surprised by his self-awareness and wit. Whatever your thoughts are on Mayer, it's hard to not notice his creativity when it comes to his Snapchat stories. 

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16. Fetty Wap

Snapchat username: fettywap1738

The filter king. Fetty Wap is an American hip hop recording artist from Paterson, New Jersey. He rose to prominence with his single 'Trap Queen', which peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in May 2015.

Fetty Wap uses Snapchat to keep his viewers informed on new music, and to also show off his creative way of using the filters. 

17. Chris Pratt

Snapchat username: chrisprattsnap

Awww, isn't he the cutest? Chris loves to post funny snaps of him and his wife, Anna Faris, along with his adorable son, Jack. 

Chris Pratt is an American actor who came to prominence with his television roles, particularly for his role as Andy Dwyer in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation from 2009–2015.

18. Rihanna

Snapchat username: rihanna

If you can't get enough of Rihanna's glamorous makeup looks, she's always posting mini-tutorials on her Snapchat.

As if that's not already great enough, she likes to take her Snapchat viewers behind the scenes of some of her rehearsals. She also likes to capture her personal life, like the snap of her go-karting with her little brother for his birthday. 

19. Miley Cyrus

Snapchat username: mileycyrus

She's craaazy. And that's why we love her. From the wild filters to the crazy faceswaps, Miley's Snapchat is everything you'd expect.

While she's not on Snapchat as much as fans would like her to be, she never fails to update fans on what's going on in her life. 

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20. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Snapchat username: arnoldschnitzel

For a 70 year-old man, he knows how to make great use of those emojis. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor, filmmaker, businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, former professional bodybuilder and former politician.

Arnold has become a social-media savant with a deep understanding of what makes for good snaps: a peek behind the scenes of the actor turned politician turned actor’s day-to-day life with some well-placed emoji.

Follow for world travel, a look behind the scenes of current projects and, not surprisingly, a lot of gym selfies.

21. Jared Leto

Snapchat username: jaredleto

He just really loves the drawing feature. The actor frequently shares photos of himself covered in drawings that look like he took a selfie and then let a 10-year-old go to town on it. 

Jared is an American actor, singer, songwriter, and director. After starting his career with television appearances in the early 1990s, Leto achieved recognition for his role as Jordan Catalano on the television series My So-Called Life.

22. Ryan Seacrest

Snapchat username: ryanseacrest

He's the life of the party. Any major Hollywood event, you'll probably see it on his Snapchat. Ryan is always hanging out with his celebrity friends like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Ed Sheeran.

Ryan is an American radio personality, television host, and producer. Seacrest is known for hosting the competition show Ametican Idol along with the syndicated countdown program American Top 40. 

23. Chance the Rapper

Snapchat username: theacidrapper

Even though he hasn't released any new music in a few years, it's not unusual for him to post snippets of new music on his Snapchat. He also likes to use Snapchat to update fans on his daily life.

Chance is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, philanthropist, record producer and actor from the West Chatham neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. In 2013, he began to gain recognition following the release of his second mixtape, Acid Rap. 

24. Ariana Grande

Snapchat username: moonlightbae

Ariana is an American singer and actress. She began her career in 2008 in the Broadway musical 13, before playing the role of Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon television series Victorious.

She has also appeared in other theatre and television roles and has lent her voice to animated television and films. Grande's music career began in 2011 with the soundtrack from Victorious.

In 2013, she released her first studio album Yours Truly, which entered atop the US Billboard 200. Her Snapchats include footage of her on tour and snaps of her and her brother, Frankie, singing together. 

25. Meghan Trainor

Snapchat username: mtrainor22

Megan Trainor is an American singer and songwriter. Trainor's musical work has been recognized with several awards and nominations, including a Grammy Award, Music Business Association's Breakthrough Artist of the Year accolade and two Billboard Music Awards.

A typical Snapchat from Meghan may consist of some cute car selfies and her reactions to meeting other celebrities. Fans can also get a glimpse of what goes on in the studio from watching her Snapchats.

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26. Joyce Bonelli

Snapchat username: joyce_bonelli

Joyce Bonelli is the longtime makeup artist for the Kardashian family. With over 1.1 million Instagram followers, Joyce is known for her STUNNING looks on the Kardashians.

She was also the inspiration for Kim's platinum blonde hair. Her Snapchats include her prepping for her next makeup sesh with Kim, and photos of her adorable little son. 

27. Miranda Kerr 

Snapchat username: mirandakerr

No one can rock a gumball hat better than her. Miranda is an Australian model who rose to prominence in 2007 as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels.

Kerr was the first Australian Victoria's Secret model and also represented the Australian department store chain David Jones.

Kerr has launched her own brand of organic skincare products, KORA Organics, and has written a self-help book.

Miranda is actually dating the Snapchat FOUNDER, Evan Spiegel. Her Snapchat stories include pics of her new jewlery collection, new handbag purchases, and cute puppy pics!

28. Jonathan Cheban

Snapchat username: jonathancheban

Jonathan is a reality-television star and entrepreneur. He is noted for his recurring role on the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and its spinoffs.

Cheban's Snapchat is usually filled with food porn, as the self-proclaimed food God is known to share photos of himself eating Food Network-worthy items.

What's even better is the his reactions to the food snaps he posts. 

29. Heidi Pratt

Snapchat username: prattheidi

Heidi is an American television personality, singer, fashion designer, and author. In 2006, Montag came to prominence after being cast in the MTV reality television series The HillsHer Snapchats are filled with photos of yummy food and vids of her workout routine. 

30. Kendall Jenner

Snapchat username: kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner is an American fashion model and television personality. Originally appearing in the E! reality television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jenner is now also a model in a movement dubbed "the Instagirl era" by Vogue magazine.

Her Snapchats include cute behind-the-scenes photos with the rest of the Kardashian crew and her hangouts with Gigi Hadid. 

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31. Troian Bellisario

Snapchat username: gaia17

Troian is an American actress, writer, producer and director. She is known for playing the role of Spencer Hastings in Freeform's Pretty Little Liars. It's so hard to say goodbye to a series that has had seven amazing seasons.  

Keegan Allen filmed his last scene on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 and gave an emotional goodbye to the PLL crew. If you still want to know what's going on with your favorite PLL character, then Troian is just one of the many that you should follow on Snapchat. 

32. Alexa Chung 

Snapchat username: chungalexa

Alexa Chung is a British writer, host, model, and fashion designer. She has authored the books It (2013) and it: Über Style (2014), and launched her eponymous fashion brand in May 2017. 

Even when she's not busy being a gorgeous model, she's not afraid to show off her goofy side on Snapchat. Fans will get a chance to dive into her pretty hilarious and stylish life!

33. Lea Michele

Snapchat username: msleamichele

Lea Michele is an American actress, singer and author. She began her career as a child actress on Brodway, appeagering in productions of Les Miserables, Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spring Awakening.

Michele is known for playing Rachel Berry on the Fox series, Glee. Her fans love that she's not afraid to laugh at herself on Snapchat. One time I saw a snap of her popping a pimple, and honestly it was a little satisfying to watch. 

34. Michelle Obama

Snapchat username: michelleobama

I'm sure everyone knows who this phenomenal woman is. Michelle likes to use her Snapchat as a way to encourage healthy and active living.

When she was in the White House, she would post snaps of the White House Garden and tips on how to stay healthy as part of her Let's Move! campaign.

Viewers can also get a glimpse of her daily life and all the inspirational work that she does. 

35. Justin Bieber

Snapchat username: rickthesizzler

Justin Bieber was first discovered on YouTube in 2008 and since then, he has released FOUR chart-topping, platinum-certified, studio albums. He has sold an estimated total of 100 MILLION records, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

If you add Justin on Snapchat, you will find he loves to take selfies and silly videos. Whether he is snapping a photo of himself waking up in the morning or he is videoing himself messing around post-concert, his Snapchat game is on point.

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36. DJ Khaled

Snapchat username: djkhaled305

DJ Khaled is a record producer, radio personality and DJ who has produced 10 studio albums of his own since 2006, the latest being Grateful (2017), which has spawned his first no. 1 single "I'm the One."

As a music producer, he's collaborated with artists such as Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Nicki Minaj.

Ever since he got a Snapchat, he's been entertaining fans with his hilarious and inspirational snaps detailing his "keys to success" (spoiler: a lot of them involve personal hygiene).

37. Lady Gaga

Snapchat username: ladygaga

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

She is known for her unconventionality and provocative work as well as experimenting with new images.

Lady Gaga likes to get personal in her Snapchats. This one shows her crying while prepping for her David Bowie tribute. 

38. Kylie Jenner

Snapchat username: kylizzlemynizzle

Kylie Jenner is an American reality television personality, model, entrepreneur, socialite, and social media personality.

She is best known for starring in the E! reality television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her eponymous brand of cosmetics, and her large social media presence.

Kylie likes to answer questions from fans on her Snapchat, including those about the baby bump everyone's been dishing about!

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39. Nicole Richie

Snapchat username: itsnikkifresh

Nicole Richie is an American fashion designer, author, actress and television personality. Richie rose to prominence for her role in the Fox reality television series, The Simple Life, alongside her childhood best friend and fellow socialite Paris Hilton, which lasted five seasons.

 In 2010, she won "Entrepreneur of the Year" for her House of Harlow 1960 brand at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards.

Her Snapchat includes photos of her clothing line and behind the scenes footage of her adorable children. If you love fashion, Nicole is such a great inspiration. 

40. Nick Jonas

Snapchat username: jicknonas

Nick Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. Jonas began acting in theater at the age of seven, and released his debut single in 2002.

Fans know him better as a member of the Jonas Brothers, a group that included him and his two other brothers. Fans love all the behind the scenes footage that Nick posts to his Snapchat. Pre-show game on point.     

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41. Rick Ross

Snapchat username: ferrarifatboy

William Leonard Roberts II, known professionally by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper and entrepreneur.

In 2009, Ross founded the record label Maybach Music Group. Rick Ross’s Snapchat is full of delightful surprises, like the time he showed off matching ankle monitors with Meek Mill. Or this large pile of money. 

42. Kate Hudson

Snapchat username: khudsnap

Kate Hudson is an American actress. She rose to prominence in 2000 for playing Penny Lane in Almost Famous, for which she won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

It's fun to watch her test new beauty products on her Snapchat, like this face mask. Also, Kate has made no secret of her love for Snapchat on The Ellen Show late last year.

43. Hailee Steinfeld

Snapchat username: haiz

Hailee Steinfeld is an American actress and singer. She made her breakthrough starring as Mattie Ross in True Grit (2010), for which she was nominated numerous accolades, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Thereafter, Steinfeld gained prominence for roles in Ender's Game (2013), Rome & Juliet(2013), Begin Again (2013) and 3 Days To Kill (2014).

 Hailee often posts Snaps throughout her day so you can get an inside view of her daily routine and what it’s like backstage at her shows.

44. Ashley Benson

Snapchat username: benzo33

Ashley Benson is an American actress, known for her role as Hannah Marrin in the teen mystery-drama television series Pretty Little Liars. She began her career portraying the role of Abigail Deveraux in the NBC's soap opera Days of Our Lives. 

She's always posting STUNNING makeup-less selfies on her Snapchat story, like this one. And if you're a PLL fan, she often posts behind-the-scenes footage of the cast. 

45. Calvin Harris

Snapchat username: calvinharris

Or was he??? Adam Richard Wiles, known professionally as Calvin Harris, is a Scottish record producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter.

His debut studio album I Created Disco was released in June 2007, which spawned the UK top 10 singles "Acceptable in the 80s". Calvin Harris is worth the add on Snapchat for a number of reasons.

Not only does the DJ often tease new tracks via the app, but he also has a hilarious group of friends that often make cameos. 

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46. Blac Chyna

Snapchat username: blacchynala

Look at that LAMBO.  Blac Chyna, is an American model and entrepreneur. In 2014, she launched her own make-up brand Lashed by Blac Chyna, with a beauty salon in Los Angeles.

In Blac's Snapchat, you get a behind-the-scenes look at her private life with the Kardashians. She may not be as famous on Snapchat as her new fiancé and his family, but she's no doubt just as fun to follow.

47. Brody Jenner

Snapchat username: nextjenneration

Brody Jenner is an American television personality, socialite, and model. The son of Caitlyn Jenner and actress Linda Thompson, he was born and raised in Los Angeles.

In 2005, Jenner appeared in the reality television series, The Princess of Malibu. Unlike his younger sister Kylie, Jenner isn't exactly a Snapchat King quite yet and uses the app like many of us in the "normal world" would, including lots of pictures of cute dogs. 

Considering he just got engaged to Kaitlynn Carter, I can assume that his fiancée makes many cute appearances on his Snapchat, because they seem to be very, very in love and joined at the hip.

48. Kaitlyn Bristowe

Snapchat username: snapbackbean

Kaitlyn Bristowe is a Canadian television personality, who is best known for her role as a contestant on the 19th season of ABC's The Bacehelor and as the lead on the 11th season ofThe Bachelorette.

 Kaitlyn and her fiancee are relationship GOALS in the Snapchat world. Also, Kaitlyn is responsible for one of the greatest Snapchat moments of all time, when she spoiled the outcome of her season.

She posted a Snapchat video of herself snuggling in bed with winner Shawn Booth while the season was still airing. Just for that, she's worth following. Plus, she's a charming, engaging presence on the app.

49. Nikkie Tutorials 

Snapchat username: nikkietutorials

She is the QUEEN of the online makeup community. I absolutely adore her makeup looks. 

50. Halsey

Snapchat username: halseysnaps

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, known professionally as Halsey, is an American singer-songwriter. Her stage name is a reference to the Halsey Street station of the New York City Subway in Brooklyn and an anagram of her first name.

Halsey's face swaps on her Snapchat is the best thing ever. Viewers can really get a glimpse into her personality and be part of all the silly things that she does. 

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