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Fans Think Katy Perry Is Dropping A New Album After Her New Hair Transformation

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry is changing her hair once again, although this time it's symbolic, or so fans say.

Perry was seen at the 2021 CMAs red carpet debuting her new hair color: A jet black updo. 

If we know anything about Perry it's that this is her signature hair color and fans are obsessed to see her make a comeback with this new style.

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They are also suspecting a new album with this familiar hair color as it's how we all remember Katy Perry in the past.

Is Katy Perry dropping a new album?

A week ago, Perry posted on her Instagram that she will be releasing a new Christmas album which does in fact feature an album cover with her dark hair, however, fans are suspecting more to come. 

Perry has not expressed plans to drop a follow-up album to 'Smile' which was released in 2020.

However, fans think her hair transformation is a sign that she's going back to her musical roots.

During her first five albums, she had her iconic black hair, only making a small change in 2012 dying it blue and then back to black, and fans associate this new hair change to reference something new to come, like a new album.

Some fans think her music wasn't as good after she dyed her hair blonde in 2017, and it's been a good 4 almost 5 years since we've seen her go back to her roots.

Some even thought the blonde hair was a curse and that nothing has been the same since she went blonde. Another fan said they even want to give her a second chance now that she has black hair again. 

Therefore, fans think she will rise up on the charts and in the music world after this new hair transformation. 

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There also have been rumors that Perry might be releasing new music soon, even Katy captioning her hair post, "I just think it's time to give them everything they want."

Others think she might be releasing new music as lots of artists including Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and Adele are all releasing new albums during this time. 

Perry has also updated her Spotify photos showing her with her black hair in a red dress which is the promo photo for her new las vegas residency tour called "Katy Perry: Play," which she announced in May 2021. 

Therefore, maybe there's some time for her to surprise everyone with a new album before the start of her tour in December 2021. 

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